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Obama’s pro-gay rights foreign policy - demonstrated true courage twice over, as our first African American President of the USA – Africa Reacts – December 8, 2011

Africa reacts to Obama's pro-gay rights foreign policy – December 8, 2011

President Obama has instructed officials across government to “ensure that US diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of lesbian, gay, and transgender persons” around the world. 

Under the move, legal, moral, and financial support will be boosted for gay rights organizations, emergency assistance will be sent to groups or individuals facing threats, and asylum in the US will be offered to people forced to flee homophobic persecution in their countries, Mr. Obama said…

Obama, Clinton to world: Stop gay discrimination – December 7, 2011


The Obama administration’s declaration that it plans to use foreign assistance, international diplomacy and political asylum to promote gay rights abroad is a momentous step that could dangerously backfire if not pursued with delicacy and an appreciation of how the challenges faced by gays and lesbians vary by nation, human rights activists said.

President Barack Obama, in a memorandum to executive departments, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, during a speech before the U.N. Human Rights Council, issued a coordinated denunciation Tuesday of anti-gay discrimination, stating that equal treatment of gay, lesbian and transgender people was an explicit U.S. foreign policy goal.

The White House said the twin moves represented the U.S. government’s first comprehensive strategy to combat sexual orientation-based human rights abuses around the world. Gay rights groups cheered the actions, noting that gays and lesbians can be arrested, tortured and even executed in some countries...
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Hillary Clinton calls on world not to discriminate against gays – December 6, 2011,0,4018429.story

It's Not Gay Rights; It's Human Rights: Clinton Breaks Down the Wall – December 8, 2011

People of faith should celebrate Hillary Clinton's statement – December 13, 2011

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