Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meanwhile, the cover-up goes on at the Vatican - By Sinead O'Connor – The Washington Post

The Vatican persists in treating us all like half-wits. Do we really believe that the senior priest who made the foolish remark about the Jewish people during a Papal mass did so without the sanction of the pope or Vatican hierarchs? The pope sat through the speech and did not stand up to object. The only reason the Vatican/pope distanced themselves from this remark was because it provoked such righteous outrage from the Jewish community.

It also is most sinister that the sacrament of mass is being used as a political platform, all over the world, including Ireland. It is disrespectful to use the mass as a platform for anything other than scriptures. Photo

If the Pope/Vatican had a case to make in their defense, they should discuss all of these matters directly with the world's media and allow themselves to be questioned. Instead they refuse to put themselves in any situation where they can be questioned, and prefer to make statements, then slither back into silence. This craven behavior is because their case is utterly indefensible and they know it. Read more - By Sinead O'Connor – The Washington Post

“Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit.” Erik Erikson

Kids Are Being Hurt!!! 

…whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:6

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