Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mea Culpa: The Pope Apologizes for His Church – By GUSTAV NIEBUHR - March 12, 2000 - The New York Times

WITH his special Mass at the Vatican today, Pope John Paul II has set out to do what none of his 262 predecessors felt called to do: apologize for historical transgressions committed by Roman Catholics in the name of the church. 

In so doing, John Paul -- whose pontificate has been remarkable in many ways, from his globe-circling pastoral travels, to his support for democratic change in Eastern Europe -- is acknowledging the grim side of the church's past, in eras distinguished by forced conversions, support for the Crusades (whose violence fell on Jews, Muslims and Eastern Orthodox), and creation of the Inquisition. 
No one can deny that his statement of mea culpa will be a significant event in the life of the church, as it may also be for the descendants of those who fell victim to its persecution. But the pope's apology should also be viewed within its theological context -- it will, after all, take place during a Mass and is fully in keeping with the Christian belief that repentance of misdeeds is necessary to future service to God. ''Forgive us our trespasses,'' asks the prayer that, according to the Gospels, Jesus taught his disciples. Photo  ------ Read more - By GUSTAV NIEBUHR - The New York Times 

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