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"Prayers for Bobby" Sigourney Weaver’s Emotional ‘Prayers’ Journey Continues - by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

August 8, 2009

Sigourney Weaver’s Emmy nomination for Lifetime’s “Prayers for Bobby” underscores the huge and lasting emotional impact the movie has had upon the esteemed actress.

Sigourney plays real-life gay rights activist Mary Griffith, a deeply religious woman who tried to turn her son away from homosexuality — but in the face of rejection and despair, he committed suicide. Thus began her turn-around. Sigourney reports that since the movie aired earlier this year, “I’ve had a number of parents come up to me on the street — or sisters, brothers, or others — and say ‘Thank-you for this story. My daughter is gay, or my sister is gay…’

“That’s meant so much to me. They acknowledged what we were doing in the hope it would open some eyes. And then I read in the paper last week that the poll numbers haven’t changed about Proposition 8,” she adds, referring to California’s anti-gay marriage initiative. Not that she would have expected the film to cause a complete shift in public opinion, Weaver says disappointedly, but she did think that collectively, all the productions, profiles and protests since the vote would have had an impact.

“I’m still amazed it got on the ballot,” she admits. “It seems so unconstitutional, to have a referendum on whether your neighbor should have the same rights as you.”

Meanwhile, producer Stan Brooks is looking into foreign release for the movie. “After all, we’re not the only country that has these issues. I’ve been asked ‘When is it going to be shown in Ireland?’ ‘When is it going to be shown in India?’ I hope Lifetime keeps showing it and at some point distributes it around the world,” she says. Read complete article - Beck/Smith Hollywood

Photo - Sigourney Weaver in "Prayers for Bobby" (Photo from Lifetime)

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