Friday, August 7, 2009

Church blesses homosexuals – The Copenhagen Post Online

The Copenhagen Post Online

A prominent Copenhagen church holds special arrangement offering its blessing to homosexual couples

One of the city’s most prominent churches opened its doors to homosexuals on Thursday, offering to bless gay and lesbian couples from countries whose own churches typically chastise them.

Vor Frue Church in the city centre arranged the event in connection with the World Outgames and gave the Christian blessing to 18 couples from around the world. It also hosted masses and outdoor concerts throughout the day for homosexuals and anyone else who was interested in participating.

Vor Frue Church’s pillars were decked out with colourful draperies to celebrate both the arrangement and the Outgames.

‘The Outgames organisers told us that it is difficult for many people to be both homosexual and still feel like they’re part of the Church,’ Mia Rahr Jacobsen, the vicar behind the Vor Frue’s arrangement, told Politiken newspaper.

‘They feel like outsiders. But here we can give them God’s blessing and they can take it home with them to the countries where it would be unthinkable for the church to bless homosexuals.’

Jacobsen said couples had a choice of getting their blessings in Danish, English, German, or through sign language. Read complete article

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