Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Billy DeFrank LGBT Center in San Jose May Close Doors - by Oueers United

The Billy DeFrank center which serves the LGBT community of the Silicon Valley in California may have to close its door unless it can meet its funding requirements. After suffering donation losses and losing all government funding, the center cannot fund their day to day operations.

The center has been a safe space serving the community since 1981 through youth programs, HIV/AIDS testing, senior lunches, their library, a bookstore, bingo nights, resource center, movie nights, womens programming, and other social events.

Please help keep the center doors open by donating generously. Read more Queers United

Billy DeFrank
Silcon Valley LGBT Community Center

How Did We Get Here?

Paul Wysocki - explains

In late July, I sent out an email newsletter stating that we were in danger of closing the doors by September 1 without a serious infusion of emergency funding. We called the campaign “1000 @ $20/month”. We’re not looking for a bailout, but rather we’re looking for a regular, sustainable source of revenue to replace lost government grants.

And this is a donor drive; later, when we have some time and breathing room, we’ll be initiating an improved membership program which will include all of these donors as members, with new category levels and enhanced benefits. Read complete article on Billy DeFrank - Silcon Valley LGBT Community Center

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