Sunday, January 18, 2009

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A description of the project:

Early Childhood Psychological of Development Growing Up Gay

We are a professional clinical group related to promoting a more complete and clinical documented understanding of the early childhood psychological stages of development of growing up gay (LGBTQ) for the purpose to help foster a safer and better world for everyone.

I am a Catholic priest and a clinical psychologist. Along with a professional staff, my colleagues and I explore clinical studies and research data from the major national and international professional, medical, and mental health associations and institutes on human sexuality. Our particular focus is on the early childhood psychological stages of development of children who up to be gay (LGBTQ), including the lifetime harmful psychological effects caused by social environments that have been influenced by antigay social and religious norms. For the purpose of advancing the knowledge and education of the general global population in understanding the complexity and variability of human sexuality, gender, and sexual orientation, we work to stop violence and harm caused to children.

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

An Explanation of the THALAMUS CENTER - Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay:


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