Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plans For Expanding The - "Thalamus Center" - Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay - An Educational Project

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(We were a staff of 5 professionals ready to begin working on the project, however, because of the lack of funding and the hard economic times, the project has solely been my responsibility, the founder, Fr. Marty Kurylowicz. I have been solely responsible for content and the continuation of the Thalamus Center, until the necessary funding is forthcoming. Revised September 20, 2009)

The purpose of this project is to help educate people by providing the best possible creditable resources available on early childhood psychological development regarding human sexuality, gender identity, sexual orientation, and transgender. Through exploring the early childhood psychological development of human sexuality, we come to a more accurate understanding of adult human sexuality.

In this way, we can begin to understand how and why social and religious norms regarding human sexuality have been formed more out of ignorance and fear. We are then able with knowledge to begin disabling this dangerous combination that is self-perpetuating, generation after generation, seriously limiting human beings from reaching their fullest potential. 

This process of educating was most effective when I came out to my parishioners in 1997. We found overwhelming support from the parishioners when we provided them opportunities for education in human sexuality from credible sources, especially those related to early childhood psychological development. By providing a safe environment of confidentiality with qualified professionals present, they asked hundreds of questions, questions they never felt comfortable asking before in their lives. Most significant were their concerns about how to raise their children without psychological harm, which led to the parents telling personal stories about growing up, stories related to their own confusion about human sexuality.

We are investigating the interactive possibilities of the Internet, to provide a safe environment for people to ask questions, communicate and share stories. We are investigating the Internet global interactive possibilities, providing podcasts (i.e., IPods, MP3 players, PDA’s). This project involves an all-volunteer, professional staff, consisting of the following: myself (a priest and a clinical psychotherapist), an editor with a professional background in clinical psychology, and a computer skilled person to help us navigate the complexities and possibilities of the Internet. Orchestrating the content, monitoring, and supervising the overall production of the project are demanding and require constant attention.

We are now moving out of the sphere of effectiveness of our volunteers, because the work involved is increasing. To move forward, we need to ask for donations at this time. We appreciate any size gift you can afford at this time. This blog and its resources will remain free to access, as you are always welcome.

We are hoping to raise enough money to bring the staff together, at least on a part time basis. This will allow us to begin to organize and develop more completely the key areas of the THALAMUS CENTER - EARLY CHILDHOOD PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT GROWING UP GAY project. The key areas are education based from professional credible sources, providing numerous LGBT referrals and resources, personal stories, and generating interactive discussion groups.

Thank you for your time.

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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