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(This post has been revised, renamed and moved) - Gay Couples Kissing in Rome attacked by Vatican | Pope Francis Condemns Narcissistic Leprosy “Vatican-centric view” 

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LOVE NEVER FAILS - Gay Couples Kissing in Rome attacked by Vatican | Pope Francis Condemns Narcissistic Leprosy “Vatican-centric view” (Revised)


We must walk united with our differences: 
there is no other way to become one. 
This is the way of Jesus.
Pope Francis - 9/19/13


Love is constant. It never changes. No matter with any two people who fall in love regardless, heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, or any combination thereof, love remains the same. This was an enlightening experience to realize working with a variety of couples. The joys, the sense of wonder, of being one with another, as well as, the frustrations, the difficulties, of intimacy, of trusting, forgiving, and growing  together are the same for all couples. Love never changes, it always remains the same for every human being. The old saying, appears to be true for any two people  in love that you “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” For me, it has been the most profound and unique privilege to be invited into the intimate and private lives of couples professionally, both as a psychologist and as a priest. To be able to witness that love with all its life giving qualities, as well as, the difficulties, struggles and sacrifices involved in actively being in love with another human being, are exactly the same for any two people in love. When it comes to love, true love is independent of sexual orientation and gender. True love never changes. Love is readily identifiable through time, across all cultures and in every individual human being. We also know, from research data that human beings from the very beginning of life will not survive without love. Love is essential for human existence. It is the lack of love that causes a disruptive rippling affects throughout a child’s lifetime. 

The cruelest, the most inhuman action to take against any human being is to decide from birth that some human beings will never be allowed to fall in love, to be held, to embrace and to feel as one with another. And to have their every thought, while growing-up, about being in love with another, repulsively scorned and degraded as “intrinsically evil” and “objectively disordered” is demonic, the absence of love - of God. It is monstrous to treat any child in this heartless manner. It forces a child out of overwhelming fear, to live in a self-imposed isolation that is lethal, detached from any meaningful connection with other human beings. Is it any wonder, why some gay youths commit suicide, being constantly subjected to the kind of ridicule that cuts into the very core of a person? And no one is there to protect these gay youths. At least this is the way it has been for the past 32 years under Ratzinger/Benedict XVI.

Restoring the Dignity of Every human being

Though, a most surprising break from those past 32 years came directly from our newly elected, Pope Francis. Privately, out of the blue, at the request of this gay youth, Pope Francis made a personal call to him and reassured him that he is loved and valued and that being gay was not a problem. No news media was involved when the call was made, by Pope Francis, nor would there be. Photo

Because Pope Francis responded to the private concerns of this male gay youth, as a pastor. This means that even though, the seal of confession would most likely not apply to this situation, however, Pope Francis would treated it as if it did apply, in deference to the level of trust that this gay youth had in him in order to confide his personal concerns to him. It is never easy to confide personal concerns to anyone, however, it may at times be extremely difficult to confide them to a priest, I would think most especially if that priest happens to be the Pope. 

The reason for making this long explanation above is to explained that Pope Francis  would not have made this call for any publicity reasons.  The only way we learned about this phone call is from the gay youth own admission that Pope Francis had indeed called him.  Notice, when Pope Francis confirms that he did make a phone call, in his interview dated  9/19/13, he never mentioned anything discussed on the phone or even that the youth was gay ( 

Speculating, I would think that Pope Francis only admitted making the phone call likely because he is aware of his position as the pope and the kind of impact it may have had on this gay youth, likely completely shocked, dazed, stupefied, etc. He, of course, would have wanted to share this unexpected and extraordinary event he had with Pope Francis with others, who wouldn’t. However, possibly in sharing, because even to the rest of world, it seemed unbelievable - everyone around him may have thought him to be delusional, crazy, even mentally unbalanced and some attributing it to his being gay, in any case most people would believe that he made the whole thing up, including the news media. If this may have been the case, Pope Francis would have wanted to restore the credibility of this young man, though not to draw any attention to himself personally or to violate the confidentiality. Regardless, of the above speculation, Pope Francis unexpectedly demonstrated how we are to be Christ to those in need and to one another. 

It is completely unprecedented that a pope would do this for one gay youth. However, in reality it really should not be unprecedented, at all, because that is the very essence of what it means being a Christian. “To love one another as I have loved you” is the one command that comes personally from, Jesus Christ, to all his followers. Pope Francis clearly gets its and according to documentation, he got it for the past 30 - 40 years. 

Pope Francis was caught off guard doing this good deed that he did in private. If the person he called never said anything, we would never have known about this event. For many of us, we have not seen this kind of sincere love for someone, by a major global leader i.e. Pope Francis, in a very, very long time, if ever, especially, reaching out to someone that many in the world though wrongly considers to be the least. 

Though, we may not have seen this example of love extended to a gay youth, by other major world leaders that doesn't mean it hasn’t happened, because it would have been private - not for public display. However, we have witnessed major world leaders, including politicians, and governors in the USA - many of whom risked their jobs to come out and stand up for gay marriage and for the families involved, especially for their children. Tony Blair in 2009 even challenged Benedict XVI to rethink his ideas about homosexuality. The same year, Nancy Pelosi, (our first woman to be) the Speaker of the House, courageously fought to the get the Hate Crimes bill to include sexual orientation passed ( ). Photo

Pope Francis is the first pope to publicly be supportive of gay (LGBT) people and gay priests - unprecedented. However, he follows after the first, President of the USA, Barack Obama, including the first Vice-president, Joe Biden, who publicly came out in support gay marriage, which was unprecedented, but completely unexpected. What is interesting about these three world leaders - is their love and respect for children. This is a trait that is found in nearly every governor and politician in the USA who at great personal risk came out in public support of Gay Marriage - they all had a deep love and respect for children. Photo

However, with Pope Francis, after 32 years of the most obsessive global antigay crusade, makes his whole situation quite astounding and unbelievable. it wasn't a movie. It happened in real time and it was not done for the news media. It was not a PR stunt to gain favorable publicity to make up for the years of the criminal neglect of children by the Vatican. Because, it was empathically denied by the Vatican of the phone call ever happening, disparaging the credibility this gay youth, simply because he was gay. This continued until Pope Francis, in his interview released on September 19, 2013, reaffirmed that he did indeed make the telephone call to this gay youth ( Pope Francis explained that he did it in answer to the letter he received from this gay youth, which he said was so simple and beautifully written. 

Anyone, who cares about children and the youth like Pope Francis, sounds like "good people" to me. Anyone, no matter how important or busy they may be, who like a parent, is keenly aware when, a child, a youth needs reassurance and without so much as, a second thought, instantly makes the child his top priority for immediate attention, sounds exceptional to me. The whole world can wait, because the needs of children, and of youths come first, before all else. As startling, as it is to actually witness this kind of act of love for children and youths, it should not be the exception, but rather the norm of human behavior. The world would be a better place for everyone, if it was indeed the norm.  Most regrettably, for the past 32 years, this was so not the norm, in fact, the complete opposite was the norm of the Vatican. Photo

We have seen some extraordinary world leadership, including from many of our governors and politicians - all finding the courage to stand up for love - for all that is true and good and loving. They stood up for the love of gay (LGBT) people, especially for children. I do not think these people should ever be forgotten, because they like Pope Francis reminds us all around the world, of the importance and the power of love - it means everything.  
Photo / Transcript

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, 
but do not have love, I am only 
a resounding gong or 
a clanging cymbal. 

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all 
mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have 
a faith that can move mountains, 
but do not have love, 
I am nothing. 

If I give all I possess to the poor and 
give over my body to hardship 
that I may boast, but 
do not have love, 
I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind.

It does not envy, it does not boast, 
it is not proud.

It does not dishonor others, 
it is not self-seeking, 
it is not easily angered, 
it keeps no record of wrongs. 

Love does not delight in evil but 
rejoices with the truth. 

It always protects, always trusts, always 
hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. 

But where there are prophecies, 
they will cease; 
where there are tongues, 
they will be stilled; 
where there is knowledge, 
it will pass away. 

And now these three remain: 
faith, hope and love. 
But the greatest
of these is 
1 Corinthians 13

The Absence of LOVE

Obsessive Antigay Crusade 
Why? To serve whom?  For what purpose? 

Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s obsessive antigay crusade, for the past 30 years, was erroneously based on the bible (e.g. Galileo) and completely void of any authoritative scientific data. This is what is truly “intrinsically evil” and “objectively disordered.” Photo

It doesn’t make sense that a person, a priest, a renown academic professor of his scholarly intellectual capabilities, would have known that his antigay teachings had no solid grounding in scripture, or in the emerging science on homosexual orientation.  It is an unexplainable resonating bleep in Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s personality that is so contradictory, so inconsistent. It is a red flag indicating something is not right that needs to be explained. 


How can someone be so intellectually gifted and then all of a sudden be clueless on the subject of homosexuality, as it relates to scripture and science?  Then making such  obvious, inaccurate statements regarding homosexuality, publicly and being clueless about the potential harm and violence that such unsubstantiated antigay statements  would cause to people, including children, around the world. It does not make sense, especially, for someone holding the two top positions of power in the Vatican. Something is wrong. Who benefits? Is there more than one reason for this implicit, unacknowledged holocaust of gay people lasting the past 32 years? Photo

The emerging science on homosexuality had already started coming together in the 1950s and 1960s. And continued, reaching a significant level of authoritative data that led to the APA in 1973, reclassifying homosexuality, as a normal and natural part of human sexuality. And yet, this emerging science on homosexuality, sexual orientation and human sexuality continued expanding and coming forth throughout the rest of the 1970s and well into the 1980s to the present day.  And yet in 1981, Ratzinger/Benedict XVI beginning his career in the Vatican, he was oblivious to this substantiated research data on homosexuality from the previous 3 decades and the impact it had on the lives of millions of human beings, globally. 

Instead, he turned directly in the opposite direction of love, true love.  He cold-heartedly and expeditiously began a systematic and intense unsubstantiated antigay crusade from the Vatican that lasted the past 32 years, uninterruptedly. Why? For what reason? Who gains from this travesty of God’s love. He began his antigay crusade covertly designed to exterminate every gay (LGBT) person off the face of the earth. A disguise of the complete absence of God, dehumanizing human beings. It was the entrance of the core of evil that eventually devastated the world destroying millions of human lives and far beyond just gay (LGBT) people. Photo
Ratzinger/Benedict XVI 
Dehumanization - Promoting 

Ratzinger/Benedict XVI mirrored, for the past 30 years, to the world, particularly to the greediest, how to disguised their global human atrocities under false labeling of goodness. And it was copied “to a T.” Often with legislation that is meant to help the poor or protect children, the elderly and minorities by the time it gets passed has often been so water down with add-ons, stipulations, exemptions that it ends up with an impressive label of caring that is almost meaningless. So, the label makes it looks like the poor, the elderly, children, and minorities are being cared for though in actuality very little has been done e.g. “No Child Left Behind Act,” Hate Crimes Bill, the requirement that psychotherapy sessions be covered by health insurances, etc. The presumed thought appears to be a little help, assistance, protection, etc. is better than nothing. The title of any piece of legislation is not indicative of the actual description what is in any particular law passed. It tends to be no more than “high tech” hypocrisy.  It appears that this can, presently, be found in the USA government “shut down” in October 2013. It is centered around “Obama care” by a small group of politicians demanding endless add-ons and stipulations be added, the same watering down tacit used endlessly in the pass 30 years, making it less effective. In the end, it is the poor and children who are left out to suffer and die. This is quite similar to the tactics used by Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and the Vatican i.e. child sexual abuse cover-ups, delaying all lawsuits, presumably allowing enough time to pass that the victims go broke and or die off. This small group of politicians causing government “shut down” seriously limiting the services to the poor, elderly, children, etc.their efforts are clearly seem to center on greed. Though, often such immorality in the US government is backed by a false notion of christianity of self-righteousness and lukewarmness - the absence of God. But it so closely mirrors Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s dehumanizing antigay crusade also in the name of god. Photo

If ever we needed a Pope Francis and those USA Nuns of Charity (that Benedict XVI  2012 had silenced because they were not obsessively preaching against Gay Marriage and spending all their time helping the poor) we need them now. But as Pope Francis said from the start of his papacy that he cannot clean up the Church alone.  Everyone is needed to humanize the world again. 

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience 
to remain silent.

Dehumanizing Gay (LGBT) People

The amount of substantial authoritative documentation on homosexuality, already accumulated by 1981, would have been enough information for someone of lesser intellectual giftedness to have halted an intensely pervasive antigay crusade.   It would be halted because of the blatant indication from all this documentation of the possible life threatening harm that it could be causing to millions of people, globally. However, as the harm to the lives of children, youth suicides and the violence inflicted human beings became ever more evident from the authoritative research data, even then Ratzinger/Benedict XVI did not subside his antigay crusade, in the least. 

He even fought against the United Nations efforts to include homosexuals,  sexual orientation under the protection of human rights act. Photo

In 1997, I learned (i.e. from my post graduated studies at the University of Michigan, at APA National Conventions, New Ways Ministry National Symposium, Richard Isay, etc., as I explain In my letter dated February 10, 2013) the facts related to the severity of the kind of lifetime harm caused to gay children growing-up through their early childhood psychological developmental years, who are subjected to the influence of these unsubstantiated antigay social and religious norms.  

But what was absolutely appalling is that these antigay norms were and continue to be fueled by the unsubstantiated antigay teachings promoted incessantly by the Vatican coming directly from Ratzinger/Benedict XVI ( His and his hierarchy antigay crusade was never more evident than in the couples of years leading up to the USA Presidential elections of November 2012, according the unending news media reports. They seriously cross the line of the separation of church and state in the USA fighting against gay marriage. 

During this time, extremely more intensely than his previous 30 years, instead of teaching the value of every human being, Ratzinger/Benedict XVI was teaching how  to dehumanize groups of human beings, as being subhuman not deserving of the human and civil rights shared by the rest of humanity. He aimed his systemic dehumanizing tactics against homosexuals (LGBT), however, because he had absolutely no authoritative data from the bible or science for his violence against gay people (LGBT), he only stressed the point, globally, that any group of human beings can be dehumanized for any reason. It was irrational global violence aimed against  gay (LGBT) people, regardless, who suffers or dies. It is sad to state, that irrational violence seems it is being mirrored exactly by the small group of politicians causing the government “shut down.” 

Gradual Decline of the Dignity of Human Beings 

It is an interesting fact that Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s obsessive antigay crusade for the past 30 years (1981-2013) dehumanizing gay (LGBT) human beings promoted endlessly by his false propaganda was paralleled by the gradual decline of the dignity of human beings not only in the USA, but also globally, as the value and importance of making a profit increased. It started in USA in the 1980s with the dissemblance of work unions, and the beginning of the endless deregulations of laws protecting free market trade. 
How to Lie - & - Get Away With it - & - Become Compulsively RICH 

It was followed by 1990s downsizing of employees from the work force in the USA. The explanations given for this drastic cut of millions of jobs were blurred and confusing that it had something to do to save money and to better compete in the global market. But this was not the truth, downsizing, as with the endless mantra the “rising cost of health care” were all lies. The cost of health care was not on the rise, but greed was on the rise, an enormous amount of greed that keeps increasing, endlessly. The downsizing was hardly noticed by the general public, at first, that  there was no downsizing of jobs. Because these vacant USA jobs were then being outsourced to third world countries for a mere faction of cost in wages and health care benefits. 

It was all part of a well designed systematic plan of not only dehumanizing workers in the USA but of exploiting workers in third world countries i.e. akin to slave labor.  This global dehumanization continued throughout the 2000s, but not before leading us into a war under false pretenses.

During the past 30 years, when Communism ceased to be a national threat and could no longer be used as a fear tactic,dehumanizing Gay marriage filled that void. Attacks against gay marriage was on the rise, which were, also, dehumanizing attacks against all gay (LGBT) people. These antigay attacks were used as a political wedge to usher certain people office in the 1990s and 2000s. Though mostly all antigay statements were homophobic in nature and it was proven so by a considerable number of politicians making these antigay statements were found having sex with men in public restrooms, parks, etc. (, not all antigay statements were of a homophobic nature, many, as it is now clear to see were used and are being used to preserve and to gain more power and money, at the expense of human lives, globally. This fact has become more evident as the public antigay tide began receding, as the public turned their support for gay marriage. 

Pope Francis - Vatican Bank 
Ending - Money Laundering 

It is the worst form of corruption using people to gain power and use even more people. Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s close tries with the Bush family and their 2 USA presidencies, including the thick lack of transparency, the money laundering connected to the Vatican Bank, Pope Francis decided to make a clean break from the past by publishing the first ever annual report of the Vatican Bank
( & & Photo

Authoritatively - Renouncing 
Vatican's unsubstantiated antigay teachings
Ending “How To” Dehumanize 

Unless the unsubstantiated antigay teachings of the Vatican are renounced immediately they will remain “a how to” dehumanize any group of human beings.

But they cannot be renounced in the authoritarian manner, in the way, they were forced on people. They must be renounced authoritatively. It is not an issue of voting whether or not the Vatican's unsubstantiated antigay teachings should be renounced or not. That would be just as foolish as taking a vote on whether or not Galileo was right or not. 

It is an issue of teaching people why the Vatican's antigay teachings are unsubstantiated and how they cause life threatening harm to children, which is why they need to be renounced immediately.  This type of authoritative teaching can begin as soon as, possible, because the renouncement of the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings is a long process. It involves guiding people through education of the facts of homosexuality from both scripture and science, then allowing people to form their own consciences. It is a longer, more tedious process, however, the most effective process. Because it allows for the back and forth exchange of thoughts and ideas from everyone and everyone grows in this process. Because in the end this is a process of LOVE, true love, which is never easy or ending, it is timeless. It is the process of respecting and learning from every human being. The renouncing of the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings happens through this education process. 

“Top-down” and “Bottom-up” 
Global Communication

This can be done today, through a responsible use of the Internet and websites. It is instant global communication. It can effectively be organized to provide 24/7 of the continuous flow of “top-down” and “bottom-up” communication with anyone and everyone in the world, as it is revolving around the sun. Key, essential to this global effort - it needs to be guided by what seems to be Pope Francis’s trademark - his respect for the differences of all people, his demonstrated sense of inclusiveness i.e with Eugenio Scalfari, the atheist founder of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica 10/1/13 ( Including, his primary concern of working together building a better world for everyone and not attempting to convert anyone, as he stated in his interview with Eugenio Scalfari. Photo

I am positive that Pope Francis would not find that he would be alone in this unprecedented endeavor to raise the dignity of every human being. I would be totally dedicated to such an arduous undertaking, as he would be surprised to find would be the norm from people all around the world, not to mention an endless number of Jesuits. It certainly would bring the world to Pope Francis’s door step and with the technology of the Internet, the ability to learn about, even meet them unfiltered by the curia. 

This process above not only helps to renounce unsubstantiated antigay teachings of the Vatican - it mirrors an effective process for learning and resolving problems  essential for all leaders, church, government, parents, teachers, bosses, etc. 

It, also, teaches every human being how to solve complex problems in life, how find answers, how to learn to love and find love.

Written by - Fr Marty Kurylowicz


"It is a sin to tell a lie

It would be interesting to wonder what life would have been like had Ratzinger/Benedict XVI used all the time, money and energy that he spent on his obsessive global unsubstantiated antigay crusade for the past 32 years and instead spent it all on teaching a solid truth that has never been disputed - that "it is a sin to tell a lie." He would instead had an anti-lying crusade for 30 years, never saying a word against gay people. Well, of course, if he had to tell the truth, he could then never have said a word against gay people. If more people were promoted to tell the truth, how would the world possibly have changed? 

(1) Would there have been a "government shut down?" 

(2) Would we have gone to war under false pretenses?  Would 9/11 even ever have happened in the USA? 

(3) Would there have been the global devaluing of human beings over profits? 

(4) Would there have been the endless problems with the "rising cost of Health Care" that left millions of people uninsured in the USA? Would Obama Care even have been necessary? Would there be more trees standing because there would be much less paperwork needed? 

(5) Would we have always been in a never ending recession for the past 30 years? 

(6) Would the price of gasoline keep rising? 

(7) Would we still be dependent on oil? 

(8) Would we have found a cure for cancer? Would there be a lot less stress in the world?  

(9) would there be a problem of human trafficking? 

(10) Would there have been the enormous number of child sexual abuse cover-ups? 

(11) The Vatican's unsubstantiated antigay teachings would have been renounced decades ago. 

(12)  Would there have been a lot less violence in the world and more people in love?


It's a Sin To Tell a Lie
Be sure it's true when you say I love you
It's a sin to tell a lie
Millions of hearts have been broken
Just because these words were spoken
I love you, yes I do, I love you
If you break my heart I'll die
So be sure it's true
When you say I love you
It's a sin to tell a lie
Be sure it's true when you say I love you
It's a sin to tell a lie
Millions of hearts have been broken
Just because these words were spoken
I love you, yes I do, I love you
If you break my heart I'll die
So be sure it's true
When you say I love you
It's a sin to tell a lie
Billy Mayhew 1936




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