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“HOMOPHOBIA“ J. K. Rowling said, “Is a fear of people loving, more than it is of the sexual act” “FUNDAMENTALISM is, ‘I will not open my mind to look on your side of the argument at all. I won’t read it, I won’t look at it, I’m too frightened.’ Dumbledore is a gay man - Tue, Mar 11 2008

“Rowling is on the side of the angels”

JK Rowling speaks out against homophobia
Tue, Mar 11 2008 Crushable
            In an interview given to Edinburgh University’s Student newspaper, JK Rowling defines what homophobia means to her as well as the thought process that went into outing Dumbledore as a gay man:

 Homophobia is a fear of people loving, more than it is of the sexual act,” she said.

“There seems to be an innate distaste for the love involved, which I find absolutely extraordinary.

“The issue is love. It’s not about sex…

The relvelations about Dumbledore have given evangelical Christians new reason to call for her works to be banned. The author told the Student:

Fundamentalism is, ‘I will not open my mind to look on your side of the argument at all. I won’t read it, I won’t look at it, I’m too frightened.

“That’s what’s dangerous about it, whether it be politically extreme, religiously extreme.

“In fact, fundamentalists across all the major religions, if you put them in a room, they’d have bags in common! They hate all the same things, it’s such an ironic thing.”
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Dumbledore's homosexuality -- Rowling says "So what?" to those who disagree with a gay character in a children's novel.   04-03-08
JK Rowling addressed Dumbledore's homosexuality in a recent interview with Scotland's Edinburgh University student paper. In the interview, Rowling says "So what?" to those who disagree with a gay character in a children's novel.
Says Rowling: "It is a very interesting question because I think homophobia is a fear of people loving, more than it is of the sexual act. There seems to be an innate distaste for the love involved, which I find absolutely extraordinary. There were people who thought, well why haven't we seen Dumbledore's angst about being gay? Where was that going to come in? And then the other thing was — and I had letters saying this — that, as a gay man, he would never be safe to teach in a school...He's a very old single man. You have to ask: why is it so interesting? People have to examine their own attitudes. It's a shade of character. Is it the most important thing about him? No, it's Dumbledore for God's sake. There are 20 things that are relevant to the story before his sexuality."
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Rowling Reveals Harry Potter Secrets
Saturday, Oct. 20, 2007 
The author was in the U.S. this week for a book tour, mainly for schoolchildren, but I had been lucky enough to win a ticket in a sweepstakes for the only evening event in New York City…
But when the questions began — they had been submitted by audience members before the event — she came into her own. Finally able to talk freely about the end of a series that had been so long-anticipated, she left nothing out. The big revelation of the night came when she was asked if Dumbledore had ever found love. With a sigh, she seemed on the verge of saying no, but then revealed, "my truthful answer to you... I always thought of Dumbledore as gay." After a collective gasp, the audience roared with applause. Rowling was clearly astonished by the positive reaction and exclaimed, "if I'd known it would make you so happy, I would have announced it years ago!" …
As the questions went on, she opened up even more, having conversations with the audience and making jokes about herself in a very British, self-deprecating way. When a voice resonated through the theater from an unseen source, she exclaimed "God...And they say I don't believe in you," alluding to the many people who claim her books are anti-Christian…
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Dumbledore was gay, JK tells amazed fans
Saturday 20 October 2007
Millions of fans around the world were yesterday digesting the news that one of the main characters in the Harry Potter novels, Albus Dumbledore, is gay.
The revelation came from author JK Rowling during a question-and-answer session at New York's Carnegie Hall. It instantly hurtled around the internet and the world. News websites in China and Germany announced starkly: 'JK Rowling: "Dumbledore is gay".' One blogger wrote on a fansite: 'My head is spinning. Wow. One more reason to love gay men.'
After reading briefly from her mega-selling book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, on Friday night, Rowling took questions from an audience of 1,600 students. A 19-year-old from Colorado asked about the avuncular headmaster of Hogwarts School: 'Did Dumbledore, who believed in the prevailing power of love, ever fall in love himself?'
The author replied: 'My truthful answer to you...I always thought of Dumbledore as gay.' The audience reportedly fell silent - then erupted into prolonged applause.
…Amazed by the warm reaction of the audience, Rowling, on her first US tour in seven years, joked: 'Just imagine the fan fiction now.'
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Pope John Paul II praised the multi-millionaire for her Christian lifestyle

The Pope and the Wizard
April 21, 2005
…After the German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, his books jumped to the top four places in the German rankings, and three more of his titles, none of them previously in the top 100, turned up in the top 10. His latest book, ''Values in Times of Upheaval,'' above, published only a week ago, was sold out. Reuters also reported that in the United States, eight of the pope's works made it to the Top 20 on the Amazon chart, but advance orders for J.K. Rowling's ''Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,'' due in July, were strong enough to keep it in's top spot…
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New Pope Hits Out at 'Harry Potter' Books
Monday, April 25, 2005
HOLLYWOOD - New Pope Benedict XVI has blasted J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books for "undermining the soul of Christianity".
Nicknamed 'God's Rottweiler', Pope Benedict is set to confuse Catholics across the world because his predecessor John Paul II praised the multi-millionaire for her Christian lifestyle.
Benedict, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is grateful to Harry Potter: Good or Bad author Gabriele Kuby for revealing the hidden agendas behind the popular children's books.
He says, "It is good that you explain the facts of Harry Potter, because this is a subtle seduction, which has deeply unnoticed and direct effects in undermining the soul of Christianity before it can really grow properly."…

'Harry Potter' Craze Does Not Amuse the Pope
July 14, 2005
…"At this point, it's not exactly clear what then-Cardinal Ratzinger thinks of the books," Ms. McCaffrey said, explaining that the letter to Ms. Kuby might have been simply an expression of appreciation for calling attention to the question of whether "Harry Potter" was a corrupting influence.
Someone who has looked into the role of fantasy in children's spiritual development is a Catholic professor of literature at York College at the City University of New York, James Como, who is also a self-described fan of both Harry Potter and Pope Benedict.
"On the surface, I can see how people, Christians especially, might have reservations," Mr. Como said of the Rowling books. "There are all these words and characters that have been associated with the occult in the past - witches and wizards have not, for the most part, been good things."
"But once you read the books," Mr. Como said, "you realize that Rowling is on the side of the angels."…
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J.K. Rowling – “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination”  
June 5, 2008 – Harvard University – Commencement Address – Video – Transcript

…One of the greatest formative experiences of my life preceded Harry Potter, though it informed much of what I subsequently wrote in those books. This revelation came in the form of one of my earliest day jobs. Though I was sloping off to write stories during my lunch hours, I paid the rent in my early 20s by working at the African research department at Amnesty International’s headquarters in London.
There in my little office I read hastily scribbled letters smuggled out of totalitarian regimes by men and women who were risking imprisonment to inform the outside world of what was happening to them. I saw photographs of those who had disappeared without trace, sent to Amnesty by their desperate families and friends. I read the testimony of torture victims and saw pictures of their injuries. I opened handwritten, eye-witness accounts of summary trials and executions, of kidnappings and rapes…
…Every day, I saw more evidence about the evils humankind will inflict on their fellow humans, to gain or maintain power. I began to have nightmares, literal nightmares, about some of the things I saw, heard, and read…
…Unlike any other creature on this planet, humans can learn and understand, without having experienced. They can think themselves into other people’s places…
And many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are. They can refuse to hear screams or to peer inside cages; they can close their minds and hearts to any suffering that does not touch them personally; they can refuse to know.
…I think the wilfully unimaginative see more monsters. They are often more afraid.
What is more, those who choose not to empathise enable real monsters. For without ever committing an act of outright evil ourselves, we collude with it, through our own apathy…
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SEXUAL ORIENTATION is less about sex and more about LOVE, being one with another human being - Attachment Theory
 “Nothing in life is more precious than the intimate relationships we have with love ones.” LOVE & RELIGION – 2009
by Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

AUSCHWITZ -- CHRISTMAS 2008 - Benedict XVI -- A flashback far more severe than in --- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

"Reparative Therapy" or "Conversion Therapy" – To Change Sexual Orientation - Lack Medical Justification, THREATEN HEALTH - Are ETHICALLY UNACCEPTABLE – 9/1/12

GAY MARRIAGE – Homosexuality for Catholics or anyone? "WHY IT IS A 'GIFT' FROM GOD!!!" And when we accept and value this gift from God – we are able to experience love like never before, and we are able to love. | PART 7

GAY MARRIAGE – UNIDENTIFIED - Internalized Homophobia - Benedict XVI, Hierarchy & Blind Followers - GAY-BASHERS UK & US | UK Blair & Cameron Legalization of Gay Marriage | Kids Are Being Hurt!!! | PART 8

GAY? - J. EDGAR HOOVER and BENEDICT XVI - Homophobic Men - Repressed Homosexual Feelings – Paranoia Projection - a "tragic story…HOW DANGEROUS SEXUAL REPRESSION IS." 12/02/12

Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition

Ecclesiastes 1:5 (New International Version)
5 The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises.
Ecclesiastes 1:5 (New American Standard Bible)
Also, the sun rises and the sun sets; And hastening to its place it rises there again. 

1 Chronicles 16:30 (New International Version)
30 Tremble before him, all the earth! The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.
1 Chronicles 16:30 (New American Standard Bible)
30 Tremble before Him, all the earth; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved

Psalm 93:1 (New International Version)
The LORD reigns, he is robed in majesty;  the LORD is robed in majesty and is armed with strength. The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.
Psalm 93:1 (New American Standard Bible)
1 The LORD reigns, He is clothed with majesty; The LORD has clothed and girded Himself with strength; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved

Psalm 96:10 (New International Version)
10 Say among the nations, "The LORD reigns."  The world is firmly established, it cannot be moved he will judge the peoples with equity.
Psalm 96:10 (New American Standard Bible)
10 Say among the nations, "The LORD reigns; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved; He will judge the peoples with equity." 

Psalm 104:5 (New International Version)
5 He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.
Psalm 104:5 (New American Standard Bible)
He established the earth upon its foundations, So that it will not totter forever and ever.
Injustice anywhere is a
threat to
Justice everywhere
Martin Luther King

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

What you cannot do is accept injustice.
From Hitler – or anyone.
You must make the injustice visible
– be prepared to die like a
 soldier to do so.
Mahatma Gandhi

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

“Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit.” 

…whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:6

Important note: No disrespect meant to Pope Benedict XVI or the hierarchy, the one and only concern is the safety and well-being of children.
Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

Gay Marriage & Benedict XVI Mirroring – “Hitler Youth” supporting Nazis Brutal RE-EDUCATION of Homosexuals |1997 Orders RE-EDUCATION for Gay Priest, Fr. Marty Kurylowicz’s Public “Coming Out” for Protection of Gay Children |No USA Civil Laws to Protect Gay Catholic Priest or Children – 9/15/12

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