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Gay (LGBT) rights - President Obama’s letter appreciation Fr. Marty’s perspective on LGBT rights – 8/28/12 – Benedict XVI 2012 Canonical Disposal of Fr. Marty for “Coming Out” 1997

This posting was sent out as a US group mailing prior to posting here on the Thalamus Center.

My name is Fr. Marty Kurylowicz, I came out, as a gay priest, March 1997 to my parishioners at Holy Family Parish, Sparta MI to draw public attention to help protect children, as young as 4 and 5 years of age who grow up to be gay – from the lifelong harmful effects and for many life threatening effects of being raised in antigay social environments made up of ignorant antigay social norms that are primarily influenced by unsubstantiated religious norms, e.g. the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings, a major world religion. The Vatican antigay teachings are unsubstantiated, because they are not based on facts from either the bible or science. 

Benedict XVI Continuous Attacks of Retaliation
For My “Coming Out” 1997 for the Protection Gay Children Growing Up Gay

Since, 1997 to the present time 2012 - I have been subjected to Benedict XVI’s (and his accomplices both in and outside of the Vatican, including members of the hierarchy) covert attacks of retaliation for my public support of gay (LGBT) children growing up gay. My “coming out” was a direct challenge to the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings, solely because I presented the documented scientific research evidence that supports the fact that sexual orientation is set very early in life well before the “age of reason” of a child and therefore homosexuality is not a choice or “intrinsically disordered” or evil, rather it is a normal and natural expression of love – “to feel one with another” the developmental process of attachment. The fact is a child in the early years of life does not have any concept of evil – a child only wants to feel close and one with the adult or adults who loves and cares for the child’s needs. And from this perspective of early childhood - it is unthinkable even inhuman to tell a little child that they are never to be close or held or in love with another person for the rest of the child’s life.  And yet this is exactly the kind of inhuman cruelty that parents unknowingly subject their child to.  They do it out of sincere concern for the future of their child, however, at the same time – it is done out of ignorance of an academic understanding of human sexuality.  Though many parents trust that the antigay teachings of their religion are true and so faithfully follow them not realizing they all unsubstantiated and are seriously harmful to their child.

Catholics Coming Out - Fr. Marty Kurylowicz & Ricky Martin - March 29, 1997, 2010 - Leading Support Gay Marriage - NY Gov Cuomo & Vatican Attacks – March 29, 2011

GAY MARRIAGE – UNIDENTIFIED - Internalized Homophobia - Benedict XVI, Hierarchy & Blind Followers - GAY-BASHERS UK & US | UK Blair & Cameron Legalization of Gay Marriage | Kids Are Being Hurt!!! | PART 8

My “coming out” Solely Focused on Children

It is for this reason that my “coming out” March 1997 was solely focused the authoritative research data related to early childhood psychological development growing up gay (LGBT). It was from this perspective of children growing up gay that was solidly well-grounded on factual evidence that I began explaining the issue of sexual orientation to my congregation of parishioners. Within a matter of a few minutes of speaking I was stunned by the absolute silence that came over the people - like when a speaker has the undivided attention of his or her audience.  There was an astounding effect that almost immediately came over the people in the congregation practically the same way I had experienced hearing this information for the first time. On first hearing this perspective on sexual orientation – it seems to go right through you and something from inside of you tells you - it makes sense but consciously you do not why. Attending any lecture on early childhood development – people naturally travel back through their memoirs of early childhood. I found this out later when people spoke to me privately that not only did they identify resonating incidences from early childhood but they travel forward as well though their school thru high school years right up having their own children and their concerns as parents. Needless to say this led to the following weeks after I came out to weeks of filled classes at the parish on sexual education. I explain more about is below in this posting.

No Civil USA Whistleblowers Protection Laws for Gay Priests
From Benedict XVI Arbitrary Justification of Discrimination against Gay Priests   

However, the retaliation for my “coming out” has been relentless from the Vatican - meaning Benedict XVI and all his accomplices, including members of hierarchy. Their retaliation has caused me serious harm financially and to my physical health. There are no civil USA Whistleblowers protection laws for the protection of a gay priest who brings to the public attention the severe harm to the innocent lives of very young children from the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings - composed and strongly promulgated by Benedict XVI.  This is yet another form of global child sexual abuse that is being committed again by Benedict XVI.

Separation of Church and State???

What am I to do - remain silent like so many remained silent about the past 30 years of child sexual abuse cover-ups of Benedict XVI.  It is not only my protection that is an issue here, what about the protection of all the children growing up gay around the world from the harmful influence of the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings? Sure there is the separation of church and state but this ongoing vindictive retaliation by the Vatican, Benedict XVI and all his accomplices onto a gay priest who came out specifically for the protection of  millions of children, because of the overwhelming scientific authoritative research evidence and clinical data regarding the sexual orientation psychological development of early childhood years and severe harmful impact that the influence of antigay social and religious norms has on these children’s lives – their retaliation goes far beyond the normal accepted understanding of separation of church and state.  When do such harmful attacks by any church organization against a member cross the line and it becomes a civil or criminal offense that is prosecuted and they are held responsible for the extensive harm they caused to the person, such as, his ability to make a living to support himself, as well as, the impact on the person’s physical health?  

It never was explained to me that once I get ordained for the Roman Catholic Church - I would automatically relinquish my USA citizenship and I would no longer be under the protection the USA.

I have sent over some 1000’s letters out - the majority of letters were individually addressed to elected and appointed government officials, various members of the news media, including attorneys specializing in civil rights, employment law, etc. across the nation and many other related professionals - explaining the above situation – for help and/or at least making people aware of this type of outside mistreatment on a USA citizen, which I certainly do not believe I am alone. Clearly, today, the injustice of my situation by the Vatican does not seem implausible, considering the lost credibility of Benedict XVI and the hierarchy due to the ongoing Vatican scandals as related to Benedict XVI, his papacy, and his continuous lack of transparency e.g. Vatileaks, Vatican bank scandal, 30 years of the child sexual abuse cover-ups and the avoidance of any civil prosecution, the interference in and threats made to the civil government of a country, including the character assassinations of those individuals or groups who oppose or are perceived as a threat to them. 

 ______________ The letter _______________

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!
Thalamus Center - Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay
Martin S. Kurylowicz, M.Div., M.S.

July 2010

President of the United States
United States Congress
United States Supreme Court
United States Department of Justice
50 United States Governors

Dear -- --------,

My name is Fr. Marty Kurylowicz, a Roman Catholic priest from the Diocese of Grand Rapids Michigan ordained June 16, 1979.

In March 1997, after attending a National Symposium of the New Ways Ministry that was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I learned that children as young as 4 and 5 years of age know that they are different. This feeling "different" is only identified in their adult years as being gay. However, the harmful influence of antigay social and religious norms -- in particular, for Catholics, the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings -- are severe and last throughout a child’s lifetime. The harmful effects are not isolated only to these children who grow up to be gay, but also affect their families, siblings, friends and anyone whom they might consider special in their lives. They are a prescribed societal sentence of implicit isolation, which place at risk of suicide so many innocent adolescents and young adults. They stifle an enormous amount of human potential in the world that otherwise could be put to use for finding cures for diseases, offering better ways of maintaining peace among people and improving the quality of life for everyone in the world.

After the New Ways Ministry National Symposium in March 1997, in good conscience I felt intensely morally obligated to "come out" as a gay Catholic priest to my parishioners at Holy Family Parish, Sparta, Michigan USA, to draw public attention to this implicit form of child abuse. This abuse is caused by the harmful influence of antigay social and religious norms, in particular, for Catholics, the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings. My background study in this area is extensive, far beyond that of the average person. However, since I have come out, I have been subjected to overt as well as covert retaliation coming from the Vatican through the bishops of the Diocese of Grand Rapids. I was ordered to be sent away to be re-educated regarding sexual orientation, to subject myself to conversion or reparative therapy--not a lobotomy, but similar. I refused to consent to this inhuman treatment because of the obvious clinical research data. And because I did so, in retaliation I lost my regular priest salary for the past 13 years, my earned sabbatical terms and my status for any future assignments in the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

At the same time, an insider to the Vatican warned me that I could really get hurt severely by people in the Vatican. And even though this person was dead serious, I passed this warning off as being someone’s overactive imagination that was a bit bizarre. I thought, "After all, this is the USA, what do I have to fear?" However, this covert retaliation has been substantial. My car was repossessed in July 2009 and on June 26, 2010, I lost my home to foreclosure…
Read complete letter:  

President Obama’s letter to me
August 28, 2012 - noting his appreciation for my perspective 
lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights  
A most unexpected surprised - enormously honored & grateful

President Obama sent me a letter stating that he appreciates my perspective on LGBT rights. I was not only astonished and a bit dazed receiving President Obama’s letter, but I was speechless because of the timing when I received it.  I happened to receive his letter in the evening of the same day that began at 8:00 am with a meeting with the canon lawyer assigned to me to help defend the charges that the bishop of the Grand Rapids, Walter Hurley, made against me for coming out as a gay priest 1997 – which is just another part of the preposterous and twisted ongoing vindictive retaliation of the Vatican from Benedict XVI. It was an unbelievable day because of the extreme contrast between the contacts I had from two world leaders in the same day. It is still quite mind-boggling whenever I think about it.  In the morning I was being kicked a rounded by Benedict XVI for “coming out” as a gay priest in 1997, which I did for the safety and well-being of children, however, in the evening of that same day - I was being patted on the back by the president of the United States of America in appreciation for my perspective on LGBT rights.
An explanation of my perceptive on LGBT rights can be found below

What is also a bit baffling to me – is the way the two letters were addressed to me, meaning my name. This may seem trivial on my part – however, when one world leader is arbitrarily attempting to destroy your identity, such things don’t so trivial. The two letters that I received from the bishop of my home diocese of Grand Rapids, MI - Walter Hurley, which incidentally he had the wrong addresses on both letters (by now this is a well-established deceptive antic of his). On these two letters he sent to me, which quite by accident I inadvertently received, on the envelopes and his letters he addressed me as “Mr. Martin S. Kurylowicz” and instead as “Fr. Martin S. Kurylowicz”. However, the letter I received from President Obama was addressed to “Fr. Marty Steven Kurylowicz” as plain as day – almost as if to make a point of validating my established identity - at least that’s the way it seemed to me.  Regardless, President Obama’s letter to me will forever be a real validation of my continuous ongoing efforts to protect children growing up gay, which is based on the authoritative documented research evidence -- from the lifetime harmful influence of antigay social and religious norms - in particular, the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings.

I am still incredulous to believe that President Obama sent this letter to me. It was and continues to be a life safer in more ways that gives me the courage, as he stressed in his letter, we all need to stand united to protect liberty and justice for all our citizens. I am most humbly honored to be personally acknowledged and encouraged by our President - to remain united with him and all Americans who understand the true meaning and importance of liberty and justice for all and to help educate and encourage those who do not. President Obama letter to me is truly inspirational, which is quite phenomenal how he is able to do it. He is able to inspirer a spirit that rekindles in people the importance of the breath and substance our history of the United States of America back to the very beginning without being pretentious.  It is not the kind of inspiration that is detached from the reality about the truth of the USA, when we and in our history fell far below the level of what we consider to be honest and decent.  He does not ignore the many serious problems – the pain and suffering due the inequality that is still present in our great USA.  However, he gives us a simple but practical solution that will instill hope for a better future all and that is to be reunited with one another to work together for the protection of liberty and justice for our citizen. It seems he has a way for making people feel as a vital part of the woven fabric of the USA and without the individual support of every American citizen we are less as a nation. I like his way of inspiration, because everyone counts, everyone is important and each person has value without which we are less and so we need to stand united to succeed protecting our liberty and justice for all.

A copy of President Obama's letter August 28, 2012:

Regarding President Obama’s letter of support to me - I am speechless all I can say is --- Thank you, Mr. President for your tremendous courage in supporting LGBT rights and most especially, I have to admit for your letter that you sent to me. A very especial thanks of appreciation to Mrs. Michelle Obama for her unending care and concern about the well-being of kids who are growing up gay (LGBT). And never to forget to send special thank you all your loyal staff members and all who are supportive to you both and your daughters. I am truly quite overjoyed as gay person for all that President Obama has done in his four short years in office as our president – it is a historical phenomenon.  I remember how Rachel Maddow and Andrew Sullivan reacted on the day you publically endorsed gay marriage. Together for me and likely I believe may gay people, Rachel and Andrew expressed or at least attempted express in their way – some of the very deep emotions of the most sincere form of appreciation.  Andrew Sullivan said it best when described what it feels like to have your humanity validated. I also believe that it will be sometime before more words are available us to describe the meaning, what it meant to hear the president’s endorsement of gay marriage.  It is not easy to be able to find the words and to put into words the overwhelming and flooding of emotions of joy, wonder, acceptance, feeling whole, etc., etc…

President Obama has done more than anyone dreamed possible for LGBT rights. And indeed we are extremely thankful for his courage. President Obama’s public endorsement and support for gay marriage on May 9, 2012 (the eve of my birthday) was truly unexpected but ever so healing for me and I must believe for many, many others. I whole heartedly concur with Andrew Sullivan’s statement –

…One interview doesn't make a difference. And then I watched the interview and the tears flooded. There is something about hearing your president affirm your humanity that you don't know what effect it has until you hear it. And I think of all those gay Americans over the centuries who never heard that, never believed it could happen. And I have to say I'm immensely proud of this president for doing what he did… Read/listen more:

Rachel Maddow’s reaction was exceptional, as well as, calling Obama's endorsement "political bravery" which again I wholeheartedly concur. On her show she states:

          …The Barack Obama administration has been very, very, very pro-gay rights. They have pursued at every level policies to improve the lives of gay Americans and to further gay rights…
          …ultimately, what presidents do is they wield political power. And even before today [publically supporting gay marriage], that legacy of the first term of the Barack Obama presidency was already clear.
          Today, he added to that...
          …he took this extra step today...something extra…This was above and beyond.
          And it is not without risk. And now having said these words publicly that no president has ever said before, now we get to see how this changes the country.
Read complete transcript:

My Perspective on LGBT Rights Begins with Children

1997 Fr. Marty Kurylowicz “Coming Out” Focus on Science & Bible | PROTECTING - CHILDREN Growing up Gay - Lifetime harm caused by Ignorant Antigay Social & Religious Norms

1997 – FOCUSING ON CHILDREN was a dramatic focus shift from public focus of homosexuality exclusively limited to adult sexual behavior 
(a) Caused an Immediate Resonating almost calming effect with people
            engaging deep interest eliciting serious pertinent questions
(b) – Nullifies Unsubstantiated Traditional Immorality of Homosexuality,
            e.g. Vatican Antigay teachings, 
(c) Major Threat to blindly accepted, unchallenged, ignorant – antigay social
             & religious norms



(1) Research - Antigay religious norms – life threatening to children -
as young as 4 and 5 years of age

My name is Fr. Marty Kurylowicz, I came out March 1997 to my parishioners at Holy Family Parish, Sparta MI to draw public attention to help protect children, as young as 4 and 5 years of age who grow up to be gay – from the life long harmful effects and for many life threatening effects of being raised in antigay social environments made up of ignorant antigay social norms that are primarily influenced by unsubstantiated religious norms, e.g. the Vatican unsubstantiated antigay teaching, a major world religion. The Vatican antigay teachings are unsubstantiated, because they are not based on facts from either the bible or science.

(2) Scripture scholars - Bible does not condemn homosexuality
(3) Science research – homosexuality – natural human development

The bible does not condemn homosexuality anymore than the bible condemns Galileo.  There are many passages in the bible that clearly state that the earth does not move, instead the sun moves. However, Galileo explained that it was the exact opposite, the sun does not move and the earth rotates round the sun. The Vatican condemned Galileo as heretic and placed Galileo under house arrest for 9 years. Nearly 400 years later, Pope John Paul II in 1992, stated that the Vatican was wrong and that Galileo was right. In 1997, from science through research and clinical studies of both the major medical and mental health associations it is overwhelmingly accepted that homosexual orientation is a natural part of human development.

(4) Facts - Science & Bible - Nullify all the Vatican antigay teachings

These facts alone nullify all the Vatican antigay teachings because like Galileo they are not based on credible facts from a variety of many different disciplines of study and research. Therefore it is imperative the Vatican immediately renounces all their antigay teachings because they are unsubstantiated and cause severe harm to very young children growing up gay around the world. The Vatican and in particular Benedict XVI will not face the truth about homosexual orientation and has relentlessly and obsessively after being elected pope - publically spoke against homosexuality - simply and arbitrarily discrediting any and all credible scientific facts regarding the truth about homosexuality.  This behavior of Benedict XVI - begs the question, why? This is even more puzzling that being a great intellectual academic scholar and author of many books, he has not been able to give any details or credible documentation to explain his reasoning about homosexuality.  Publically, this is a glaring discrepancy because at his intellectual level he expounds on numerous subjects, but with the frequency that he touches on more than any other that is the defining subject of his papacy, homosexuality he has the least to say about.

This was not the case with Pope John Paul II. As pope John Paul said little to nothing on the subject homosexuality because there was ample research data continuously forthcoming from science and scripture scholars suggesting a new understanding regarding homosexuality, sexual orientation, human psychological development, etc.   John Paul II, as we know, believed the truth would be found with faith and science working together to come up with answers.  It is noted that John Paul frequently met with the scientists at the Vatican, at least once a week to discuss issues of the day. The committee at the Vatican on the topic of homosexuality was made up of theologians and scientists, as was the case for many committees at the Vatican, at the insistence of John Paul.  This was not the case when Benedict XVI became pope, almost immediately all the scientists were dismissed from all the committees in the Vatican and only theologians remained. Sources within the Vatican at the time were shocked and noticeably worried about the future credibility their work because the balance for the search for truth was thrown off giving a very one-sided view on issues, which is not objective truth - truth was lost.  This is clearly seen in Benedict XVI’s and the hierarchy’s public statements on homosexuality. This appears to be the same mistake that the Vatican made when the pope then condemned Galileo.  And as we know John Paul II apologized to Galileo stating the he was right and that the Vatican and the pope were wrong.

(5) Children 4 and 5 years of age – know “different” - Well Before
“Age of Reason”
Nullify Immorality of Homosexuality

When I came out in March 1997 the focus was on the fact that very young children, as young as 4 and 5 years of age knew in some fundamental way that they were “different” not gay, only later in life would they identify this being different as being gay.  This point alone was highly significant because it threw the Vatican focus of homosexuality off of being entirely focused on adult homosexuals and moved it onto children in early childhood psychological developmental years. This switch in the focus immediately, almost in lightening speed, resolves major key issues regarding the morality of homosexuality, because this places our understanding of homosexuality, sexual orientation out of the adult world and places almost at the beginning of life - into the very early years of human development - well before the “age of reason” therefore; (1) homosexuality cannot be considered a conscious and willful choice to commit a terrible intrinsically disordered and evil act, (2) if not a choice, no sin is involved,  (3) there is no adult sexual acts of any kind involved at this very young age in a child’s life, (4) sexual orientation at this stage is about the natural development of human attachment essential for survival and growth of a human being, and (5) human attachments are about “loving another and being loved by another” there is nothing intrinsically disordered or evil about love. These facts alone nullify, renounce all the Vatican antigay teachings as unsubstantiated and instead they are labeled as being severely harmful to the lives of children in their early childhood years, something on the order of the ancient practice of “foot binding.” These are research facts over years of study that were available in 1997 and have continued to develop through the years.

This is why my “coming out” 1997 was not a big issue about me personally. Because my reason and focus for “coming out” was on the vital importance of explaining the research data about sexual orientation existing in early childhood, in order to stop the severe harm caused to the children growing up gay by the ignorance of antigay statements that create hostile and violent antigay social environments that threaten a child’s very existence. After I came out the focus was off me and almost immediately forgotten, as I remembered back then to Holy Family Parish, Sparta, MI, when I began to explain to my parishioners these research facts.  It did not take much, if any, convincing people because almost immediately they began to identify these facts in what seemed to be a flooding of specific past episodes and memories from their own personal individual lives, about kids they knew and grew up with, about themselves, their children, etc., etc. It was like it brought into focus much confusion in their past lives that seemed at first unsettling, but left them with a better sense of calm and a new more secure understanding about themselves that made sense that answered many old forever nagging unanswered questions – and left them with much less anger. And the fact that I came out was almost forgotten, their questions were not about me but about many various aspects of sexual orientation and early childhood psychological development.

I held for the next 7 to 8 following weeks, 3 classes a week on the topic of sexual orientation, each class running for 2 hours. The classes were open to all parishioners though registering before attendance was required (simply by calling the parish office) in order to limit the classes to only 20 people in each class for the sake of confidentially and we run as many classes along as people wanted to attend. Every class was filled and the classes lasted nearly 8 weeks.

After I came out the parish did not fall apart. There was no great exodus. The weekly and building fund collections did not drop.  Maybe we seemed closer more united on a deeper level. I was schedule to be transferred before I came out in March 1997, my 12-year term, as pastor, at Holy Family Parish ended at the end of June of 1997.  I must say it was much harder than I realized leaving that parish, so much so that even the thought of going back for a visit seemed unbearable - the joy of seeing everyone again would be great – but leaving them all again seemed unbearable. I think that something wonderful happened there maybe in a very small but significant way we helped to change the world for the better, especially for children. That’s a good thing!

The Major Problem “Coming Out” 1997 not Parishioners –
Was The Vatican

The major problem I faced in 1997 was not from the parishioners – it was from of all places the Vatican. It was 4 years prior to my “coming out” I had been enrolled at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI taking one class a semester, including the spring/summer semester, in psychology. I did this all while I was still being a pastor at Holy Family Parish in Sparta, MI commuting twice a week to Ann Arbor.  I had to give-up all my free time and watching TV to study at the U of M. And believe me TV cannot compare to the excitement of learning, at the U of M.  It was at the University of Michigan that I studied the research data about sexual orientation, psychological human development, etc., as well as, at attending the yearly American Psychological Association conventions and attending regular meetings at PFLAG, Affirmations, Ferndale, MI and workshops/lectures sponsored by the U of M LGBT Office.  My point is that I truly professionally studied the issues of sexual orientation thoroughly and was very well versed on much of the latest research data. Now after “coming out” to my parishioners and teaching 8 weeks of classes on sexual orientation - it was reported as being quite successful handling and educating people on the issue of sexual orientation.

I met with my bishop (which was not the present bishop Hurley) in May 1997 to hear the directives that were coming from the Vatican. I was, at first, quite shock, later I was even to the point of being somewhat frightened after hearing that I was to be sent away for several months (the location not having been disclosed) to be reeducated about sexual orientation and homosexuality.   This was equivalent to reparative therapy, which is based on the concept that was debunked in the 1970’s by both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association that homosexuality was a mental disorder.  Reparative therapy’s main objective is to attempt through intensive psychotherapy to change a person’s homosexuality. It was and is considered unethical because it has never been proven effective, instead it posed more serious, even dangerous threats to the psychological well-being of the person, even placing for some at even greater risk of attempting suicide.  It has been noted that the mental disorders associated with homosexuals are primary those due to the stress of not being accepted, of being ridiculed and being under constant vigilance of being attacked verbally or physically and at times violently. It has been amply and duly noted that homosexuals who grow up in safe accepting social environments, experience no more mental disorders than their heterosexual counterparts.  

Reeducated on Homosexuality - Reparative therapy

Reparative therapy by 1997 still had no evidence scientifically that proved it worked, in fact it was found to be harmful and it was being considered unethical and unsafe. The fact that the Vatican was unaware or dismissive of ample research data regarding homosexuality was deplorable, because the Catholic Faith is all about truth. Since, 1973, the term “homosexuality” was removed from the list mental and emotional disorders by American Psychiatric Association stating that sexual orientation is not a disorder; therefore, it does not need to be cured. The American Psychological Association stated. In 1990 that scientific evidence shows that reparative therapy does not work and that it can do more harm than good. “In 1991, Gerald Davison, a former president of the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy, argued that conversion therapy (is the same as reparative therapy) is ethically improper and that its existence only confirms professional and societal biases against homosexuality.” In 1993, the American Academy of Pediatrics stated, "The psychosocial problems of gay and lesbian adolescents are primarily the result of societal stigma, hostility, hatred and isolation." In 1996, the National Association of Social Workers adopted a policy statement on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual issues.  “…Sexual orientation conversion therapies assume that homosexual orientation is both pathological and freely chosen. No data demonstrate that reparative or conversion therapies are effective, and in fact they may be harmful.”

Therefore, Vatican’s directive was such a drastic contrast drop from the height of the intellectual level I was operating out of that (explained above) this news from the Vatican was startling – it was an unimaginable gigantic leap back in time passing even beyond the dark ages intellectually. While in my bishop’s office I did not say much at the time, I only wished that some of my colleagues from the APA, the U of M and news media could have heard this directive coming from the Vatican. I honestly could not even imagine what a sabbatical for several months on reeducating someone on homosexuality and sexual orientation would be like. It seemed like unnecessarily cruel and unusual treatment of all places by the Vatican. 

My two earned sabbaticals including the funding were all canceled, which I was hoping to use up before accepting a new parish assignment. My possible future assignments in the Diocese of Grand Rapids that were offered to me before I came out were all eliminated. In a matter of one meeting, months after I came out and the news media hype had died down, my whole status in the Grand Rapids Diocese was gone. I no longer felt safe in the Grand Rapids Diocese, only the anxious pressure about what would happen next. At 47 years old, for me it seemed to be the beginning of the end. 

Needlessly Already Spending a LIFETIME and Enormous Expense in Ineffective Reparative Therapy
Vatican directives were to send me back
No Civil Laws to Protect Gay Priests – From - Vatican Hostile & Inhuman Treatment

The thought of my being sent away to be reeducated about homosexuality and sexual orientation was disturbing to me on two counts: (1) it was then as it is now considered by the vast majority of professionals from both the medical and mental health fields as ineffective and dangerous to the individual well-being and (2) it seemed a most unnecessary and extremely cruel even inhumane ordeal for a place like the Vatican to be ordering a priest or anyone to submit to. It was for me even more unsetting, because I had already spent well over some 20 years trying through psychotherapy to reeducate myself on my being a homosexual – in attempts to be heterosexual.  I learned only too well, at the age of 47, from the grueling experience of those past some 20 years in my deep earnest commitment faithfully believing what I had been told that reeducation/reparative therapy would work but it most assuredly does not. It had only compounded my depression in addition knowing I wasted those some 20 years for absolutely nothing. Even more unsetting was the fact when I learned that this was not my own personal bias, but that major medical and mental health associations agreed. 

It was after further study and then learning the research facts that sexual orientation begins in early childhood, which struck me like bolt of lightening that March 1997 at the New Ways Ministry National Symposium listening to Dr. Richard Isay’s (just recently deceased) opening address explaining that children as young as 4 and 5 years of age know that they are different and that it is only as adults do they realize that being different was in fact being gay – that it all became the relentless motivating force that led to the moral obligation, as a Catholic priest to “come out” for the protection and well-being all children growing up gay. In good conscience I could not remain silent – I knew too much from my own personal experience to allow children suffer what I went through.

Character Assassination – Fr. Marty Kurylowicz
Being Punished and Humiliated For Being Faithfully Following 
Vatican’s Unsubstantiated Antigay teachings

In a breach of confidentially the present bishop of Grand Rapids Walter Hurley (who had been working closely with then Cardinal Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI discriminating against gays as far back as 1987) disclosed to a news reporter from the Grand Rapids Press, May 2006, in an attempt that seemed to further discredit my reputation, the huge sum of money spent on my psychotherapy. However, this breach of confidentiality of Bishop Hurley backfired on him, because this huge sum would have been completely non-existence, as the documentation will prove, if I never had been raised in a Catholic antigay social environment that stressed the Vatican antigay teachings that are unsubstantiated.  Also, this huge sum of money would have been greatly reduced, to far less than even 10% if I sought psychotherapy treatment outside of Catholic mental health agencies.  The Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings have been proven to continuously perpetuate psychological harm.  It took me an enormously long time to find this out – nearly enduring 4 decades of psychological harm because I blindly obeyed and believed them to be true and I can say emphatically that they are not true, but instead they are extremely harmful and even life threatening. I can say this after working endlessly acquiring a well-informed conscience based years of prayer, the needless years spent in psychotherapy and when I decided to no longer to follow blindly but on a postgraduate level of university academic studies to search for the truth, I found that the Vatican’s antigay teachings are unsubstantiated – instead they are life threatening.

Bishop Hurley Disclosure of Gay Priest Reparative Therapy
Psychological Expenses
 Vatican Published Psychological Documentation of Ex-Bank President

It is interesting to note that Hurley’s confidentially disclosure of my psychological expenses appears to be the regular modus operandi of the Vatican. Because it is quite similar to the recent Vatican Bank scandal – where the Vatican published the psychological documentation of their ex bank president, which it is believed was meant to further discredit him because of threatening inside information he is believed to have would expose even more serious corruption in the Vatican.

Vatican’s - Vindictive Hostile Retaliation

In my letter above I explained I did not go away to be reeducated about my homosexuality and sexual orientation. I asked permission to study psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI – if I paid for it on my own, however, to do so I was told that I had to give up my regular priestly salary and find my own living arrangements including paying for it myself. But it must be explained that a priest salary is considerably lower because room and board is included. This presented an additional hardship for me. However, I thought given such a life threatening order by the Vatican - to be sent away to be reeducated on homosexuality and sexual orientation was so extreme – Needless to say, I was worried if I stayed – what other inhumane atrocities would I be subjected to. I guess you could say I was fleeing for my life. To get me to leave the priesthood was likely what the Vatican was attempting to force me to do.  Again, the whole reason why I came out was because “I was a priest.” It is a priest’s duty to be willing to lay down his life for others, at least that is the theology of priesthood. True I had always hope the living up to that duty would not directly fall into my lap – but it did. I gave up everything I had to be a faithful priest – I realize that this does not mean much to many people – they can barely understand the concept, except for parents. And now Benedict XVI and Bishop Hurley simply want me to give up my clerical state, so much so that Hurley sent these important letters to me for my response but he sent them to the wrong addresses that are not my mailing addresses, even though I receive all other diocesan mail at my correct address. If wasn’t the recent Vatileaks and Vatican Bank scandals and Benedict XVI’s 30 years of child sexual cover-ups – people would be willing to give Hurley the benefit of the doubt – but in indeed we now know that this kind of deception is this rule of the Vatican and not the exception.   I have absolutely no recourse – the only recourse I have if I still have it - is to make this all public and kill the secrecy of the Vatican – in hopes that people’s awareness will in some way reform the Vatican – make the protection of children the highest priority.
Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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VATICAN CRACKDOWN - Gay Catholic Priest 1997 - Fr. Marty Kurylowicz “Coming Out” for “Protection of Children from Antigay Social & Religious Norms”- to be Permanently Remove & Silence | Vatican Ordered REPARATIVE THERAPY | – World Health Organization 2012 Calls REPARATIVE THERAPY Serious Threat to Health &Life


Below is the letter from Bishop Hurley sent to me dated July 31, 2012 – Bishop Hurley sent the this letter to 2 wrong addresses  
(a well-established deceptive antic of Bishop Hurley)

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VATICAN CRACKDOWN - Gay Catholic Priest 1997 - Fr. Marty Kurylowicz “Coming Out” for “Protection of Children from Antigay Social & Religious Norms”- to be Permanently Remove & Silence | Vatican Ordered REPARATIVE THERAPY | – World Health Organization 2012 Calls REPARATIVE THERAPY Serious Threat to Health &Life

Impending rules on gay priests create Catholic divide -
October 8, 2005
When the Rev. Martin Kurylowicz came out to his Sparta parish eight years ago, he said he had struggled for years with his homosexuality.
The Catholic priest says the struggle would be made harder for many others if the Vatican issues new rules that reportedly would ban gays from becoming priests… 
…"I sizzled when I read it," said Kurylowicz, 55. "It's very hurtful, is what it is. In this day and age, there's no reason for it. It sends a message that there's something wrong with gays."
Kurylowicz said he spoke out then to raise awareness of violence against gays and teach others homosexuality is not a choice but an inborn trait. Church leaders still don't understand that and contribute to gays' poor self-esteem, he said… 
…"Kids as young as 4 or 5 know they're different," said Kurylowicz, a psychotherapist… "They grow up with this pervasive guilt, which sabotages their growth and motivation." The result is thousands of dollars in therapy to accept their natural orientation, he said, adding, "Does the Vatican want to take that on, like the tobacco industry had to take on for the damage it caused consumers? "
Catholics Coming Out - Fr. Marty Kurylowicz - 1997

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