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A Marriage of Deceit & Ruthlessness - HOMOPHOBIA and GREED - Fuels Violence Against Gay Marriage as - Kids Are Being Hurt!!! 7/04/12

It is no secret by now that the IGNORANCE of the issue of GAY MARRIAGE has in the past been used in the USA as a political wedge to ushered certain people into public office, which later led us into a war under false pretenses. Since, 1981 when Benedict XVI, as Cardinal Ratzinger took the office in the Vatican as grand inquisitor, he immediately began in a deliberately covert manner to systematically and ruthlessly (in the same way the child sexual abuse cover-ups were orchestrated) silencing Catholic social justice moral theologians, academics, priests and sisters particularly those dealing with the sexual orientation (like the Vatican recent sanctioning of the USA Catholic Sisters for advocating SOCIAL JUSTICE over attacking the issue of gay marriage, i.e. Sr. Margret Farley) we have faced in the USA: (A) the recession of the 1980’s that followed a significant political shift to the right, (B) in the 1990’s the major downsizing of employees, lost of jobs, at the same time the outsourcing of USA jobs and the exploiting the workers of over seas, the tremendous rise in health care cost and the number of uninsured, (C) in the 2000’s came the taxes cuts for the super rich, led into war under false pretences, the deterioration  of the USA infrastructure due to years of budgetary cut backs including the staffing and updating of Federal rescue agencies, which led to the massive devastation and tremendous lost of life caused by Katrina 2005 collapsing of the weak levees and the unconscionable lengthy delay and serious lack of competency of the Federal rescue  agencies to aid and save lives.

This particular marriage of deceit and ruthlessness between homophobia and greed fueled violence against gay marriage, each for different reasons work together to silence and ignore the social justice about gay marriage, because it threatens their social order, respectively, which are based on long-term self-serving structural inequalities. Daniel J. Christie, Ph.D. – explains that this form of violence against gay marriage as structural violence that harms and kills people indirectly and slowly, as opposed to direct violence that is physical violence that harms and kills people. “… direct violence can be prevented. In contrast, structural violence is ongoing…Fundamentally, structural violence occurs whenever societal structures and institutions produce oppression, exploitation, and dominance. These conditions are static, stable, normalized, serve the interests of those who hold power and wealth, and are not self-correcting.”

For reasons of greed, as stated above, gay marriage has been used in the USA as a political wedge to ushered certain people into public office. The homophobia of Benedict XVI and the Vatican use gay marriage as a scapegoat to shift the focus and blame off of Benedict XVI’s years of systematically covering up the global child sexual abuse onto gay priests, even though all authoritative research have found “... no causative relationship between either celibacy or homosexuality and the sexual victimization of children in the Church.”
John Jay Report on Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church - May 5, 2011
Pope Benedict condemns 'petty gossip' over child sexual abuse scandal – April 28, 2010 - Pope Benedict today risked inflaming opinion as he appeared to round on critics of the Catholic church over the widening sexual abuse scandal, saying he would not "be intimidated by ... petty gossip".
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican's Number 2: Priest Pedophilia Linked To Homosexuality – April 12, 2010 “This is a perverse strategy by the Vatican to shirk its own ethical and legal responsibility by making a spurious and disgusting connection…"
 Vatican OPPOSES UN Declaration on DECRIMINALISATION of HOMOSEXUALITY – Dec.12, 2008
VATICAN: GAY DISCRIMINATION Document Released - July 24, 1992 “…that said homosexuals could legitimately be discriminated against in employment, housing and the adoption of children.”
GAY MARRIAGE – Propaganda Tactics| Benedict XVI’ Naturalistic fallacy & Homosexuality - Dehumanizing, Depriving Civil Rights, Silencing Gays - Covering Up B16 Crimes Against Children 30+yrs? |PART 5 – 2/19/12
Benedict XVI/Ratzinger & USA Catholic BISHOPS - PUBLIC TREATMENT of GAY PEOPLE and of the Catholic clergy, sisters and employees who are supportive of Gay People - is a form of STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE

INTRODUCTION TO PEACE PSYCHOLOGY - Daniel J. Christie, Richard V. Wagner, and Deborah Du Nann Winter – 2007 “…direct violence refers to physical violence that harms or kills people quickly, producing somatic trauma or total incapacitation. In contrast, structural violence kills
indirectly and slowly, curtailing life spans by depriving people of material and non-material resources. Direct violence is often dramatic and personal. Structural violence is commonplace and impersonal. Direct violence may involve an acute insult to the physical well-being of an individual or group. Structural violence is a chronic threat to well-being. Direct violence occurs intermittently, as discrete events, while structural violence is ongoing and continuous. In direct violence, the subject-action-object relationships are readily observable while political and economic structures of violence are not directly observable, though their deadly results, which are delayed and diffuse…”
Gay Marriage - Social-justice Catholics | E.J. Dionne - 010412
Is Homophobia Associated With Homosexual Arousal? By Henry E. Adams, Lester W. Wright, Jr., and Bethany A. Lohr, University of Georgia – 1996
HOMOPHOBIA may reveal denial of own same-sex attraction, study suggests – 41012
Is Some HOMOPHOBIA Self-Phobia? - 40712
Italy, GAY MARRIAGE Efforts Met With Strong Vatican Opposition – PBS - 61912
Italy - In Vatican's Shadow, IKEA Italia Grants Family Benefits For Gay Employees – 51712
Obama’s support Gay Marriage brings out heated Homophobia and Ignorance in ITALY – Revealing an unwavering & inordinate hold to the archaic fallacy linking pedophilia and homosexuality - While VATICAN was suspiciously silent - 51012
Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation
Italy – “Derogatory and discriminatory remarks by politicians against Roma, migrants and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people promoted a climate of rising intolerance. Violent homophobic attacks continued.” Amnesty International 2011 Report
Italy fails to adopt measures to tackle homophobic and transphobic - hate crimes – 72911 - Amnesty International
VATICAN CRACKDOWN ON NUNS - “…conservative American churchmen living in Rome — including DISGRACED former BOSTON Cardinal Bernard LAW [CHILD SEXUAL-ABUSE CRISIS they created] — were key players in pushing the hostile takeover of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious…for emphasizing social justice work over loyalty to the hierarchy and issues like abortion and GAY MARRIAGE.” 50712
Really? [Catholic] Women religious in America will now have a bishop grading their morals? 42712
Sister MARGARET FARLEY - in St. Louis, at the CATHOLIC THEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - A "profoundly important" question for Catholic theologians, Farley said, is: "SHOULD POWER SETTLE QUESTIONS OF TRUTH?" …her students [at Yale] asked…why she stayed in a church…Because the church "is still a source of real life for me," she would tell them. "It's worth the struggle. It's Worth Getting A Real Backbone That Has Compassion Tied To It." – Her book, "Just Love: A Framework for Christian Social Ethics" - 61112
Franciscan friars back American nuns in Vatican spat – 60812
Vatican is unjust to condemn nun's 'JUST LOVE' book by Margaret A. Farley – 60412
Academics react to Vatican move against Farley book – 60412
SR JEANNINE GRAMICK, co-founder of NEW WAYS MINISTRY – “ This book [JUST LOVE: A FRAMEWORK FOR CHRISTIAN SEXUAL ETHICS] and Sister Margaret’s other writings and presentations have brought common sense and balance to a world in which sexuality is treated either too casually or too rigorously. Farley’s work has put sex in the human context of relationship, instead of hedonism or narrow functionalism... – 60512
SR. MARGARET A. FARLEY - emeritus professor of Christian ethics at Yale Divinity School –defends her book - “JUST LOVE: A FRAMEWORK FOR CHRISTIAN SEXUAL ETHICS” respecting and supporting GAY MARRIAGE - from Benedict XVI Approved Homophobic Attacks made by Vatican - 60412
The Catholic Contraction - History — and statistics — is on the side of Catholic women - 60812
CATHOLIC THEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA supports Sister Farley following CDF notification – 60812

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

Truth & Acceptance of GAY MARRIAGE
No Longer a Scapegoat for
Benedict XVI’s Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups

The mystery is about Benedict XVI’s global child sexual abuse cover-ups, which only truth can resolve. Unlike President Nixon facing prosecution and impeachment for Watergate cover-ups, forced him to resign as president of the USA - Benedict XVI has immunity from prosecution and impeachment for any criminal charges of global child endangerment and sexual abuse, unless the International Criminal Court challenges it. However, Benedict XVI, his hierarchy and all his accomplices do not have immunity from world court of public opinion. The truth and nothing but the truth about the years of the global child sexual abuse cover-ups and the truth about gay marriage will resolve Benedict XVI’s global public relations problems, anything less than the truth will have devastating effects for all.

Vatican condemned at United Nations for child abuse -31610
UN Human Rights Council calls Vatican to account - covering up child abuse and allowing it to continue – 92209
Benedict XVI’s 30 years Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups
Ireland - Killing the Secrecy Exposing - Benedict XVI & Roman Curia - Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups - 90611
New Catholic Sex Abuse Findings: Gay Priests Are Not the Problem – 111809
Worldwide system of covering up cases of sexual crimes engineered by Benedict XVI - Hans Küng – 41810
International Criminal Court - prosecute Benedict XVI - Global Child Sexual Abuse Cover-Ups – 91311
 Support for Gay Marriage Increases - Benedict XVI’s Panic of Exposure Increases - Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups Accountability – 113011
Benedict XVI’s MYSTERY Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups 61712 & Nixon’s WATERGATE Cover-ups | David Frost: “Would you say that there are certain situations…where the president can decide that it's in the best interests of the nation, and do something ILLEGAL?” Richard Nixon: “Well, When The President Does It, That Means It Is NOT ILLEGAL.” May 1977
Vatican Values: Homosexuality 'Disordered,' Lying Totally Fine - 61912
Minnesota - Can 'true Catholics' support same-sex marriage? – CNN - 62012
Minnesota Catholic Students Angry About Mandatory Anti-Gay Lecture – 40412
Minnesota Nienstedt & Bishops powerful force in marriage amendment - Make No Apologies – 50712
Profile of the SOCIOPATH - No Conscience | Bishops Antigay marriage Campaign
Archbishop Nienstedt crusades against GAY MARRIAGE - But increasingly, his flock of Minnesota Catholics isn't following - Brokeback Mountain? – 62012
Obama Opposes Minnesota Anti-Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment – 40912
AUSCHWITZ -- CHRISTMAS 2008 –  -- A flashback far more severe than in --- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN 
“...what Benedict XVI said about HOMOSEXUALS and TRANSGENDERED HUMAN BEINGS at Christmas 2008…he was conveying…the HORROR OF THE HOLOCAUST, in what appears to be a traumatized, trance-like, accepted social norm from that period of time dictating that some people just don’t count, aren’t important, and can be easily disposed of.
Catholic Leaders Who Defend Marriage Equality! - 61812
Lay Catholics Leading Fight for LGBT Equality – 60812
Appeals court will NOT reconsider - California's Prop 8 Ban on GAY MARRIAGE Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL - In 2010, federal JUDGE VAUGHN WALKER ruled that "Proposition 8 serves no purpose, and has no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California, and to officially reclassify their relationships and families as inferior to those of opposite-sex couples." – 60512
Gay marriage advocates gain corporate support – 60312
FRANCE to pass gay marriage, adoption law – 62912

President Obama Backs Gay Marriage – May 10, 2012

Gen. Colin Powell favors same-sex marriage – 52312
From Harvey Milk to the White House: Gay marriage evolutions – 52212
NAACP Passes Resolution in Support of Marriage Equality – 51912
AFRICA - Malawi’s new president Joyce Banda - vows to legalise homosexuality – 51812
AFRICA: End Discrimination Against LGBTI on International Day Against Homophobia – 51612
Obama USA President - Supports Same-Sex Marriage – The White House – 51012
Mariela Castro, CUBA President Raul Castro's Daughter, Backs Obama On Gay Marriage - 51012
Obama Supports Gay Marriage - Andrew Sullivan – “…when I watched the interview, the tears came flooding down. I was utterly unprepared for how psychologically transformative the moment would be. To have the president of the United States affirm my humanity — and the humanity of all gay Americans — was, unexpectedly, a watershed.” – 51412 Chicago Tribune
US VP Joe Biden: I'm 'absolutely comfortable' with GAY MARRIAGE – 50612 NBC
Obama Gay Marriage Support Seen as World Precedent – 51012 ABC
Nancy Pelosi praised Obama’s support of GAY MARRIAGE - for advancing civil rights…“quite historic” that “spoke to the values of our families, the values of our faith and the values of our country.” Pelosi said her Catholicism “compels” her “to be against discrimination of any kind in our country…” – 51012 ABC
Do Most Catholic Theologians Support Same-Sex Marriage? – 51112
Catholic coalition pleased with Obama's stance on marriage equality – 51012 NCR
US VP Joe Biden on GAY MARRIAGE - “Who do you love? Who do you love and will you be loyal to the person you love?” Biden said, “And that’s what people are finding out what all marriages at their root are about.” - 50612 ABC
US VP Joe Biden - a devout Catholic - OK with equal rights for married gay couples – 50612 AP
ELLEN DEGENERES - Reflects on Coming-Out Episode, April 1997 - 15 Years Later – 50412 ABC
Gay Marriage - Seattle’s Catholic parishes say no to Ref. 74 signature drive – 41212
Seattle - Another big Catholic parish: No anti-gay marriage petitions – 41212
New Ways Ministry - Gay marriage Maryland: Governor v. archbishop - 32312
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signs gay marriage bill - 030112
WA Gov. Gregoire signs gay marriage into law - 021312
Gay Marriage - CA Prop 8 & new religious reality - 020812
CA Prop. 8: Gay-marriage ban unconstitutional, court rules – 020712
Gov. Gregoire, WA - Gay Marriage, “…a sixteen year old who said, ‘I’ve thought about suicide, and now that you’ve come out as strong as you have, I feel good about myself. And one day I will not go on bended-knee and ask someone to join me in a domestic partnership -- I’ll ask them to marry me.’” 012812
MD Gov. O’Malley, …urged lawmakers…to approve same-sex marriage…calling it a sign of "equal respect for the freedom of all…At the heart of religious freedom is respect for the freedom of INDIVIDUAL CONSCIENCE.” 013112
Gay Marriage - Wash. Sen. Haugen “…as a wife and mother who cannot deny to others the joys and benefits I enjoy.” 012312
Bloomberg “This is a civil rights issue” Big-city mayors come out for same-sex marriage - 012012
Gov. GREGOIRE to legalize GAY MARRIAGE – "It's time, it's the right thing to do, and I will introduce a bill to do it” Washington 7th state - Jan. 4, 2012
How About a PRAYER FOR ALL MARRIAGES (And All Committed Relationships Rooted in Love)? – Minnesota Nienstedt’s prayer “seemingly harmless… in fact... brazen -- and unwise...” - Jan. 3, 2012
Illinois’ Gov. Pat Quinn’s Conscience & Catholic Cardinal & Bishops Disapprove - - Obedience to Authority vs. Personal Conscience – Milgram Psychology

Letters sent out by Fr. Marty Kurylowicz - July 2010 to:
President of the United States
Vice President of the United States
United States Congress
United States Supreme Court
United States Department of Justice
50 United States Governors 
Dear -- --------, 
My name is Fr. Marty Kurylowicz, a Roman Catholic priest from the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan ordained June 16, 1979.  
In March 1997, after attending a National Symposium of the New Ways Ministry that was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I learned that children as young as 4 and 5 years of age know that they are different. This feeling "different" is only identified in their adult years as being gay. However, the harmful influence of antigay social and religious norms -- in particular, for Catholics, the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings -- are severe and last throughout a child’s lifetime.  
The harmful effects are not isolated only to these children who grow up to be gay, but also affect their families, siblings, friends and anyone whom they might consider special in their lives. They are a prescribed societal sentence of implicit isolation, which place at risk of suicide so many innocent adolescents and young adults. They stifle an enormous amount of human potential in the world that otherwise could be put to use for finding cures for diseases, offering better ways of maintaining peace among people and improving the quality of life for everyone in the world.
Gay Marriage - “SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE” Does Not Give Churches Or Benedict XVI - The Freedom To Abuse Children or Adults. July 2010 - By Fr. Marty Kurylowicz
Fr. Marty Kurylowicz
Excerpts from:

Gay Marriage - No Mystery – Only TRUTH about Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups Will Set Benedict XVI Free – not FOX NEWS NETWORK PR in an USA Presidential Election Year – A 30 year Web of DECEIT & RUTHLESSNESS is Unending Expense & Global Violence against Children!

GAY MARRIAGE – UNIDENTIFIED - Internalized Homophobia - Benedict XVI, Hierarchy & Blind Followers - GAY-BASHERS UK & US | UK Blair & Cameron Legalization of Gay Marriage | Kids Are Being Hurt!!! | PART 8

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