Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sinéad O'Connor: Pop Star Mom Is An Unlikely Prophet for a Scandalized Church - RORY FITZGERALD – Politics Daily

DUBLIN -- They say that God has a sense of humor. Some might be surprised, or even amused, by the idea that Sinéad O'Connor is now a powerful voice for renewal in the scandal-hit Catholic Church.

Although she is often imagined to be hostile to Catholicism, she in fact holds a deep affection for the faith:

"I think the essence of Catholicism is beautiful. . . . What I would love to see is for Catholicism to survive this, so that true Catholicism can shine."

…Speaking from her home near Dublin, she breaks off occasionally to comfort her kids, taking care of a million small things, like any busy mother of four. She remains very active as a musician, but says her primary occupation is not singer, songwriter or campaigner, but mother. Now 43, she seems more comfortable in her own skin than ever before. She speaks softly, with a wry Dublin wit…

…Sinéad O'Connor has emerged as a respected critic of the Catholic Church's handling of child abuse. Although forthright in her views, she often speaks in a sympathetic register which few would have anticipated.

"The love and curiosity I have about religion come from Catholicism. I am very interested in the idea of the saints; everything about it; I mean, it's beautiful," she said. Read complete artilce - RORY FITZGERALD – Politics Daily

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