Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Homeless Youths: Live in the Bea House

By Chris Jai CentenoAugust 18, 2009 -

Best known for her wise-cracking, sharp wit as Dorothy in The Golden Girls, gay icon Bea Arthur will be honored in a memorial service on September 14 as New York City's Ali Forney Center -- an organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youths -- plans to celebrate her gay advocacy efforts by naming a residence center in her honor.

"Bea Arthur was tremendously kind and generous to the Ali Forney Center," Carl Siciliano, AFC founder and executive director, said in a media release. "The caring and concern that Bea expressed for our kids meant the world to us, and we are thrilled to be able to give honor to her memory in this way."

Four years ago the Tony Award–winning actress flew to New York for a benefit performance for the center, raising more than $40,000. She continued to be an advocate for homeless LGBT youths up until her death in April.

"Before Bea became involved with us, we only had two sites, and could only shelter 12 kids," says Siciliano. "We were struggling to respond to an epidemic of homelessness that was not very well understood, even in the LGBT community. Bea's support and advocacy really helped raise awareness in our community.” Read complete article

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