Friday, March 29, 2013

Pope Francis includes women and Muslims for first time in Holy Thursday service - LGBT hope? --- The Courage to Come Out – Gay Marriage Acceptance

With a ‘pragmatist’ pope, LGBT hope? – March 26, 2013

My suggestion isn’t as bold or innovative. It is simply a first step: neither an attempt to break any new ground theologically nor a plea for church authorities to change its political stances.

On homosexuality, we simply, and urgently, need a pastoral shift from our new universal shepherd...

Pope Francis—as the Vicar of Christ—will wash the feet of 12 young prisoners this week to demonstrate what he’s preached: that “true power is service [to those who are on the margins].”

In this spirit, I hope he also takes time over the first months of his papacy to break bread and begin dialogue with gay Catholics who with great love of Christ and of the church are trying to find a home in this universal faith community.

His message can be simple, but can once again proclaim the fundamental truths of our faith: You are children of God. He loves you. Christ walks with you. The pope cherishes you, and the church welcomes you.
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