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2012 - Benedict XVI & Hierarchy – Ongoing - Dehumanizing Propaganda of Gay People

Benedict XVI - Pope: Gay marriage threatens humanity’s future
 January 9, 2012

All tyranny needs
gain a foothold
for people
good conscience
remain silent.


Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself or one's group...

Propaganda is a powerful weapon in war; it is used to dehumanize and create hatred toward a supposed enemy, either internal or external, by creating a false image in the mind. This can be done by using derogatory or racist terms, avoiding some words or by making allegations of enemy atrocities. Most propaganda wars require the home population to feel the enemy has inflicted an injustice, which may be fictitious or may be based on facts. The home population must also decide that the cause of their nation is just.

Propaganda is also one of the methods used in psychological warfare, which may also involve false flag operations. The term propaganda may also refer to false information meant to reinforce the mindsets of people who already believe as the propagandist wishes. The assumption is that, if people believe something false, they will constantly be assailed by doubts. Since these doubts are unpleasant (see cognitive dissonance), people will be eager to have them extinguished, and are therefore receptive to the reassurances of those in power. For this reason propaganda is often addressed to people who are already sympathetic to the agenda. This process of reinforcement uses an individual's predisposition to self-select "agreeable" information sources as a mechanism for maintaining control...
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Propaganda Techniques

Edward Filene helped establish the Institute of Propaganda Analysis in 1937 to educate the American public about the nature of propaganda and how to recognize propaganda techniques. Filene and his colleagues identified the seven most common "tricks of the trade" used by successful propagandists (Marlin 102-106: Propaganda Critic: Introduction). These seven techniques are called:

  • Name Calling
  • Glittering Generalities
  • Transfer
  • Testimonial
  • Plain Folks
  • Card Stacking
  • Band Wagon
These techniques are designed to fool us because the appeal to our emotions rather than to our reason. The techniques identified by the Institute for Propaganda Analysis are further refined by Aaron Delwich in his website, Propaganda where he "discusses various propaganda techniques, provides contemporary examples of their use, and proposes strategies of mental self-defense." By pointing out these techniques, we hope to join with others who have written on this topic to create awareness and encourage serious consideration of the influence of contemporary propaganda directed at us through the various media and suggest ways to guard against its influence on our lives.

Name Calling: Propagandists use this technique to create fear and arouse prejudice by using negative words (bad names) to create an unfavorable opinion or hatred against a group, beliefs, ideas or institutions they would have us denounce. This method calls for a conclusion without examining the evidence. Name Calling is used as a substitute for arguing the merits of an idea, belief, or proposal. It is often employed using sarcasm and ridicule in political cartoons and writing. When confronted with this technique the Institute for Propaganda Analysis suggests we ask ourselves the following questions: What does the name mean? Is there a real connection between the idea and the name being used? What are the merits of the idea if I leave the name out of consideration? When examining this technique try to separate your feelings about the name and the actual idea or proposal (Propaganda Critic: Common Techniques 1).
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Why think about propaganda?

…Propagandists love short-cuts -- particularly those which short-circuit rational thought. They encourage this by agitating emotions, by exploiting insecurities, by capitalizing on the ambiguity of language, and by bending the rules of logic. As history shows, they can be quite successful.

Propaganda analysis exposes the tricks that propagandists use and suggests ways of resisting the short-cuts that they promote. This web-site discusses various propaganda techniques, provides contemporary examples of their use, and proposes strategies of mental self-defense…
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Propaganda – Name Calling

"Bad names have played a tremendously powerful role in the history of the world and in our own individual development. They have ruined reputations, stirred men and women to outstanding accomplishments, sent others to prison cells, and made men mad enough to enter battle and slaughter their fellowmen. They have been and are applied to other people, groups, gangs, tribes, colleges, political parties, neighborhoods, states, sections of the country, nations, and races." (Institute for Propaganda Analysis, 1938)

The name-calling technique links a person, or idea, to a negative symbol. The propagandist who uses this technique hopes that the audience will reject the person or the idea on the basis of the negative symbol, instead of looking at the available evidence…
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Groupthink is a psychological terminology used to describe the mode of thinking that persons engage in when concurrence-seeking becomes so dominant in a cohesive ingroup that it tends to override realistic appraisal of alternative courses of action.  It refers to a deterioration in mental efficiency, reality testing and moral judgments as a result of group pressures…
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Dehumanizing Propaganda

The Presentation of “Self” and “Other” in Nazi Propaganda
DIANE KOHL University of Stirling - Psychology & Society, 2011, Vol. 4 (1), 7 – 26

Dehumanization of the Jewish people

Dehumanization is another way to distinguish between ingroups and outgroups (Volkan, 2007). Adorno (1973) points out that dehumanization is often due to the lack of real evidence for the accusations and also a direct consequence of the perceived inferiority of the audience by the speaker. If the audience is perceived not to understand argumentation anyway, then it is better to just use images that appeal to the irrational and emotional…


The way Hitler and Goebbels chose to present the Aryans versus the Jewish people provided the Germans with all they needed to have an enhanced ingroup feeling: a degree of homogeneity, a common mental object (Jewish people) and a common way of feeling towards it (McDougall, 1920; Schreiber, 1984). Hitler was presented as a highly competent person. Through giving the “simple” people an apparent view behind the scenes and providing them with knowledge, the Nazi party made people feel less helpless in relation to the economic crisis and uncertain future (Adorno, 1973). The presentation of Hitler was partially created by propaganda and partially by the German people themselves, who projected their belief in the supernatural onto Hitler and the party. Presenting Hitler as a demigod could have been another way to put him above justifications and to make him appear infallible. Religion is also a deeply emotional experience, so this might be another attempt to reduce the audience to a barbaric, instinctive state in which they are very suggestible (Adorno, 1973; Argyle and Beit-Hallahmi, 1975). Presenting Hitler as a demigod had another convenient effect: it explained why he knew things no one else knew, for example the existence of the Jewish world conspiracy (Herf, 2006).

The presentation of other was complementary to the presentation of self apart from small paradoxes used to increase the speaker's credibility. The omnipresence strategy is very likely to end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy, as a label can distort perception, and all input is then perceived as consistent with that label (Kidder and Stewart, 1975). Suddenly everything is seen as proof of the Jewish world conspiracy (Herf, 2006). Dehumanization was used to provide a pseudoscientific reason for the treatment of the Jewish population and to legitimize it (Savage, 2007). Identifying the Jewish people through their alleged actions aroused fear in the German population and justified the treatment they received. Projection seems an unconscious result of trying to “see” into the outgroup's mind. It probably has a similar motivation as omnipresence and dehumanization: by projecting their own plans onto the Jewish people, the Nazi government immediately provided a solution and the justification for their actions…
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Psychology & Society
Department of Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge

Anti-gay Disguised Hate Propaganda
At Christmas For Broadest News Media Coverage – by US Catholic Bishops & Benedict XVI – Mirroring Hitler’s Human Atrocities Photo
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Propaganda and Children during the Hitler Years
By Mary Mills

Benedict XVI – born April 16, 1927, Marktl, Bavaria

Hitler’s Nazi Propaganda – Targeting German School Children
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The Poisonous Mushroom: “Just as it is often hard to tell a toadstool from an edible mushroom, so too it is often very hard to recognize the Jew as a swindler and criminal...” Photo

The Poisonous Mushroom:  Without Solving the Jewish Question No Salvation for Mankind:

Benedict XVI 2008 - saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.
The Poisonous Mushroom:  The Experience of Hans and Else with a Strange Man:

Vatican’s Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone blames homosexuality - not celibacy - for child abuse sex scandal – April 13, 2010

5-Year Study by American Bishops – Roman Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cases
 May 18, 2011

 “…the study is likely to be regarded as the most authoritative analysis of the scandal in the Catholic Church in America. The study, initiated in 2006, was conducted by a team of researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City at a cost of $1.8 million… The National Institute of Justice, the research agency of the United States Department of Justice, supplied about $280,000…

The report notes that homosexual men began entering the seminaries “in noticeable numbers” from the late 1970s through the 1980s. By the time this cohort entered the priesthood, in the mid-1980s, the reports of sexual abuse of minors by priests began to drop and then to level off. If anything, the report says, the abuse decreased as more gay priests began serving the church…
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The image of the Jewish monster perpetrating misfortune is presented at the end of each episode in the form of a short poem, which capsulizes the specific immoral act allegedly committed by a Jew, connects all Jews to the Devil, and serves to warn the reader against the ever-present Jewish threat.

Gays created by the Devil says US Catholic Church Policy Advisor – November 6, 2011


The SILENCE of Good People KILLS Human Beings!

Chicago's Cardinal George - under fire for comparing gay rights movement to Ku Klux Klan – December 22, 2011

Hate Propaganda Disguised – Archbishop issues "marriage prayer" for Catholics to recite at mass – December 15, 2011



STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE - …kills indirectly and slowly …is commonplace and Impersonal… structures of violence …not directly observable …deadly results …delayed and diffuse, …[DIRECT VIOLENCE] physical violence, the morality of an act can be judged and sanctions can be applied…is often scrutinized by drawing on religious dicta, legal codes, and ethical systems. Intentionality is not as obvious in impersonal systems of STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE, and considerations of punishment are seldom applicable… STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE - …is ongoing … occurs whenever societal structures and institutions produce oppression, exploitation, and dominance. These conditions are static, stable, normalized, serve the interests of those who hold power and wealth, and are NOT SELF-CORRECTING


PEACEBUILDING - …addressing long-term structural inequalities… - emphasizes the promotion of social justice… - often threatens the social order…
PEACE PSYCHOLOGY - Daniel J. Christie
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The cruelties of STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE on CHILDREN are often subtle, unspoken, unrecognized, and even normalized, regarded by many people as natural or “just the way things are.”
Daniel J. Christie - Peace, Conflict, and Violence: Peace Psychology for the 21st Century.

The power of the witness

Bullying happens in front of others. Often kids who witness bullying may laugh or join in, even when they don’t want to. They want to fit in and naturally are afraid of becoming the next victim. But in reality, witnesses are extremely powerful. Most bullies love an audience. And when a witness stands up to a bully or makes it clear that they don’t like what is happening, bullying often stops in a few seconds. Being a hero can make all the difference.

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What Bullies Want

Dr. Debra Pepler, PhD, a York University psychology professor who received $600,000 in federal funding to develop a nationwide program to fight bullying, agrees that schools need comprehensive programs to stop bullying, including addressing children who witness bullying…When a child intervenes to stop the bullying, the bullying stops within 10 seconds 57% of the time, says Dr. Pepler. "There's tremendous potential to engage children in addressing these problems."Dr. Juvonen agrees. She says children need to be taught to help the child being bullied. If schools are the primary place for socialization of future citizens, they shouldn't be places where no one has the courage to stand up for anyone else, she says…

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Debra Pepler, PhD


Jaana Juvonen, PhD


“This Emotional Life”


Early attachments to caregivers are the building blocks for a child’s social relationships and emotional well-being.

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Persuasion and Influence

Steve Booth-Butterfield - Healthy Influence website

Obedience:  Yes, sir . . . I Was Only Following Orders!
Why Are People Obedient?
There are two general reasons for obedience. The first one I will call the “shallow” reason, the second one “deep.” These are not the only explanations for obedience, but they are a good beginning for more discussion.

Modeling Theory
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Steve Booth-Butterfield - Healthy Influence website
“Finally, remember:  All Bad Persuasion Is Sincere.”

RC hierarchy child sexual abuse “cover-ups” ordered by Benedict XVI to avoid public outrage & criminal charges falsely accused gay priests, WATERGATE? – January 2, 2010

No “Checks and Balances” 

A major problem with the hierarchical structure of the Roman Catholic Church is that there are no “checks and balances.” When the necessary “checks and balances” are not in place to protect any organization, it leaves “not making waves” the rule that governs the hierarchy and opens the way to many devastating mistakes harmful to everyone and allows corruption to grow.

The following statements are harsh statements, but unfortunately they are heavily documented. (1) Benedict XVI and his hierarchy failed to protect children from child sexual abuse for decades. (2) They mistreated and intimidated the victims and their families who came to report the child sexual abuse, in order to cover up publicity of any child sexual abuse. (3) They failed to protect children by repeatedly reassigning the child sexual abusers to assignments where children would be present. (4) When the hierarchy’s criminal negligence failing to protect children became public, globally, in 2002 they shifted the blame wrongfully onto gay priests. 

(5) By falsely, against known research to the contrary, blaming gay priests they implicated the entire LGBT community and how they are fighting against Marriage Equality. When the scientific facts known for decades about human sexuality have been discounted with no substantiated facts given to explain why, it causes many questions whether Benedict XVI and the hierarchy’s fight against Marriage Equality is more a fight to maintained the cover-up of the hierarchy’s criminal negligence failing to protect children? Benedict XVI and his hierarchy need to clearly offer substantiated reasons why they are against Marriage Equality. This statement needs to be spelled out in great detail and follow Pope John Paul II’s test of truth of not separating science and religion. (6) Benedict XVI and the hierarchy’s continuous public propaganda against homosexuality encourages public intolerance towards LGBTQ&I adults and children. They continue to do this even though this summer 2 major Christian denominations approved LGBT singled and partnered people for all forms of ordained ministries. (7) Benedict XVI and the hierarchy’s continuous promulgation of the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings that are harmful to children in their early childhood psychological developmental years, harm that is crippling throughout their lives. They have continued this even after the beginning of the year, 2009, the Family Acceptance Project research studies had shown the negative effects caused to youths, when their sexual orientation is not accepted, having health problems, suicidal ideation, etc. They ignore all the major medical, psychiatric, psychological and social workers national and international professional associations regarding their findings regarding human sexuality and sexual orientation. WHEN DO WE START PROTECTING CHILDREN?!?!

Written by Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

We human beings have a remarkable ability to DEHUMANIZE one another: to conceive of one another as SUBHUMAN creatures, and to treat them accordingly… In dehumanizing others, we EXCLUDE them from the circle of MORAL OBLIGATION. - David Livingstone Smith – December 2, 2011
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Gay Marriage - Catholicism and Homosexuality - CONSCIENCE - DignityUSA – Contrary to massive evidence – In 2003 – under Benedict XVI the Catholic bishops waged an all-out campaign against any civil recognition of lesbian or gay relationships - The SILENCE of Good People KILLS Human Beings!
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