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The Psychology of Anti-Gay Aggression – by LGBT Latest Science – July 5, 2009

Where does anti-gay aggression come from? Researchers in the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University reviewed the published literature on this topic and came to some overall conclusions. The actual paper is long and is publicly available. If you are interested in this topic, especially if you are involved in supporting victims of hate or trying to prevent hate, I encourage you to visit this website and read the paper. The paper covers many other factors that contribute to anti-gay aggression, as well as theories for prevention. Read a summarization – on LGBT Latest Science

A theoretical framework for antigay aggression: Review of established and hypothesized effects within the context of the general aggression model
 Dominic J. Parrott
 Georgia State University

Theory and research on antigay aggression has identified different motives that facilitate aggression based on sexual orientation. However, the individual and situational determinants of antigay aggression associated with these motivations have yet to be organized within a single theoretical framework. This limits researchers’ ability to organize existing knowledge, link that knowledge with related aggression theory, and guide the application of new findings. To address these limitations, this article argues for the use of an existing conceptual framework to guide thinking and generate new research in this area of study. Contemporary theories of antigay aggression, and empirical support for these theories, are reviewed and interpreted within the unifying framework of the general aggression model [Anderson, C.A. & Bushman, B.J. (2002). Human aggression. Annual Review of Psychology, 53, 27–51.]. It is concluded that this conceptual framework will facilitate investigation of individual and situational risk factors that may contribute to antigay aggression and guide development of individual-level intervention. Read complete paper – by Dominic J. Parrott, Ph.D.

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Department of Psychology
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