Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hard Economic Times and Reorganizing/Developing Expansion

The hard economic times are badly impacting us all and in all parts of the world. Because of this I had to suspend active work on the “Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay” blog for the past 3 weeks. This was done in order to begin the long reorganizing and developing process of expanding the project, which includes the very detail process of applying for grants in order to receive the necessary funding to support the ongoing daily operation of the project. photo Creative Commons

The expansion included first, bringing on two additional professional staff members. Together we are working out details of goals of this project, which are to bring together the knowledge from the best and the brightest professionals in the fields of science (researchers from the medical and mental health fields) and religions (scholars of ancient sacred texts of all world religions) regarding all facets of human sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity. To display this combined wealth of factual data including the supporting documentation and references, to be organized on an interactive website designed to allow easy access to this information by the general public from around the world. photo Creative Commons

In addition, we want to be a support to LGBTIQ leaders and workers globally. To provide the up-to-date necessary documented information, resources, professionals, links regarding the specifics of LGBTIQ issues as related to science and religions (particularly scholars of sacred texts of any religion) in support of their efforts promoting human rights for all people. The purpose of this project is to promote the continual up-to-date education regarding all facets of human sexuality from science and religion thus ending the ignorance and fear that perpetuates the violence and harm caused to very young children world wide. At the same time, we began the process of partnering with a well-known LGBT Organization that has the 501 (c) 3 non-profit status so that we can begin applying for grant funding for the “Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay” project. photo Creative Commons

Below, brief background descriptions of the staff members of the “Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay” project.

1.) a scholar of ancient literature, editor of published works, university professor, clinical psychologist, and international academic public relations
2.) a computer website architect/IT consultant, background in journalism & broadcasting studies, business and sales
3.) a communications/ culture/race analyst, teacher, sales/promotions, newspaper staff writer, and journalism/radio broadcasting background, PR
4.) a mental health clinical administration support staff member , sales/marketing, business development, parent, and LGBT Ally for International/Public Relations/Correspondence
5.) a priest, pastoral responsibilities & duties, administrative responsibilities of overall general operation of organization and facilities, employees, teachers, operational budget, and development of educational programs K to 12 and adults, in addition, administrative responsibilities of the promotion and oversight of new building design & construction process, building construction budget, fundraising campaigns, Public Relation/news media, a clinical psychologist, SPMI clinician

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